Dubai Police gets Lexus GS cop car

Dubai Police gets Lexus GS cop car

Dubai Police has taken possession of a Lexus GS police car.

What’s unclear is whether it is yet another promotional car in the vein of Dubai’s supercar police fleet, or whether it is an actual patrol car that’ll do more than just make appearances at tourist spots. It seems though, that only one car was provided by Al Futtaim Motors.

The Lexus GS is a midsize luxury sedan, redesigned in 2012, and available with 2.5-litre and 3.5-litre V6 engines. It hasn’t been announced which engine the police car has.

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  1. Alsalam alaikom..I’ve been using your website for couple of years now “I guess since the first beginning”, I actually shared it among all my friends. I have to say it, you’re doing a great job ” ma sha allah”, I just have one request, an important part that seems to be missing here, I hope you could provide us in the specifications part with the “fuel tank capacity” of each vehicle. Sorry for the huge introduction, I hope you accept my request.

    P.s: I think using the Lexus GS by the police department is a great step since Lexus is well-known for its reliability and luxury as well

  2. What a step down!!!

    From Ferrari, Lamborghini to Lexus !!! Even the popo doesn’t seem too pleased with what he has.

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