New Dubai number plate now available via RTA

New Dubai number plate now available via RTA

The recently-unveiled Dubai car numberplate with the new logo will be made available from tomorrow by the Road & Transport Authority.

It is completely optional, and interested car owners can buy the plates at a cost of Dhs 420, either via the website or by calling 8009090.

On purchase, a date has to be selected to exchange your old plates for the new ones at RTA customer service centers in Deira, Al Barsha, Al Mumayaz at Aswaq Al Mizhar, Al Mumayaz at Aswaq Al Barsha, Quick Technical Testing at Al Qusais, and Wasel Vehicle Testing Center at Al Jaddaf.

The new logo is part of a branding initiative for the city.

What do you think?



  1. AED420…. hahahaha.

  2. 420 — term is used for thugs

    why should one purchase a number plate for 420 dhs.

    I suspect this would be necessary once law sets in.
    Pay 420 unnecessary.

  3. 420AED for that colored “DUBAI” sign? Thats insanity.

  4. the old one looks better IMHO

  5. Indirect taxation indeed exists in 100 different ways
    Won’t be much long before it’s going to be made compulsory and it will be increased from 420 DHS to roughly double the amount.
    So either ways no running away from the expense ..,

  6. AED 420 is crazy, ofcourse Dubai is known for people with a lot of floating cash to blow, but its still crazy.
    If I am not wrong, the old plate, longer version costs AED 35 each.
    I really want to get the new number plates but definitely not at this price

  7. Don’t you think it will become compulsory later on? Well, 420DHS is way too much.

  8. I think its better to change to these plates on renewal. I don’t think it would be another additional 420 dhs over the 450 dhs renewal.

  9. Hi Mashfique, you could do an article on the various design of number plates that we have seen in Dubai over the years. We are going to love it.

    • Author

      Though I have lived here my entire life, I don’t think I have original photos of plates from way back in the 80s! All our photos went back to the homeland with my parents. The ones on the net are difficult to verify and attribute correctly.

    • i can show u the abu dhabi car plates from 1970s

  10. The 20 is knowledge fees (also known as tax in western countries).

    Still I don’t understand why would a man waste so much money on an identification number. It’s just a number to identify an object, your mobile phone, your car, etc.

    I thank god gave me a functional brain.

  11. what am gonna do is: ill leave my old number plates…so when this new one becomes widely available and mainstream…ill feel special hahahaha 😀 😀 😀

  12. I’m gonna start saving 35 dhs. each month from my salary, so next year when thy’ll make this compulsory, I have the money to pay for it. 😀

  13. Looks like a cheap toysr us give away.. What are they thinking. Classy black and white replaced by toddlers scribbles..

  14. Its just a high price, for only number plate…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AED 50/= is enough.

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