Nissan 370Z for Dubai Ambulance service

Nissan 370Z for Dubai Ambulance service


There is a Nissan 370Z doing the rounds at events, dressed up in Dubai Ambulance livery. This is the first time we’ve had a close look at it.

Previously seen at the Dubai Motor Festival, we spotted this 370Z at Nissan’s twin-drift world record attempt. The 2-seater sports car has been outfitted as a “first responder,” something that can show up at accident scenes quickly with basic first aid, although clearly it is more of a promotional car, as evidenced by the various social-media logos on the boot as well as displaying the new “Dubai” logo that will show up on special number-plates soon.

This is the third sports car to get the Dubai Ambulance treatment, after the Ford Mustang and the Lotus Evora.

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