Dubai gets Ford Mustang ambulances, seriously

Dubai gets Ford Mustang ambulances, seriously

Dubai’s government ambulance service is getting some Twitter love right now, after they put up photos showing a couple of Ford Mustang ambulances. Yes, you read that right. Mustangs. Ambulances.


To be fair, the 2014 Mustangs are actually functional, as they’re to be used as “first responder” units, able to reach the scene of an accident quickly, with all the basic utilities needed to administer first-aid before the big ambulance comes to take patients away.

Unlike the showboating Dubai Police supercars, these might actually see some action. Let us know if you spot them.

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  1. Whats the point?? if you want a fast and nimble car to reach the accident site quickly [ first responder], why don’t opt small and powerful hatchbacks!! GTI,135i,A45 to name a few. Yes… showing off is something different.

  2. They could have used a 500 or even a Mini – those are really teeny and uber powerful!! 🙂

  3. now for this muscle car we can make use of it’s muscle power but good for drag but not good on turns and curves the patient will feel the power and torque

  4. Motorcycles would be more practical, but not flash enough I imagine. I really hope they didn’t actually spend/waste health care budget on these.

  5. I bet this car already equipped with oxygen which Is necessary and also folding bed and other things important to save the life’s once needed.

    also its look like cars related to the civil defense, same it equipped with equipment’s for fighting fires in some placed which fire doesn’t reach to huge arena

  6. where to put a wounded person? in the trunk???

  7. @ least they can help and save the injured people until ambulance came.

  8. I feel jealous of those lucky drivers..

  9. They didn’t use a smaller car because no one will move from left lane for tiny hatch backs. Just use a white nissan patrol lol

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