Take a tour of the secret Honda museum in America (video)

Take a tour of the secret Honda museum in America (video)


Honda’s desirability as a brand with a sporting streak took a plunge long ago with their increasing focus on building appliances. But back in their heyday, the entire line-up consisted of cars that were breaking conventions in some way or the other. Take a look back at some of Honda’s most iconic models spanning almost half a century, with everything from the Civic and CRX to the S2000 and NSX, in this video tour of a “secret” American Honda Museum in California. Mind you, it only includes cars that were sold in the States, hence why certain special models are missing, and why certain other models are referred to as Acura.

Video by Hondapro Jason.

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  1. Honda is a great sedan car indeed that never waived quality for price. Reliability, Safety, Fun, Good Looking, Economy, all in one… Thumbs up.

  2. Thank You so much for sharing this Honda video with the world. I’m so happy you enjoyed it.

  3. Honda is the best Japanese car after lexus

  4. Honda destroyed the Pilot.

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