2016 Nissan Maxima revealed in U.S. TV ad

2016 Nissan Maxima revealed in U.S. TV ad

2016 Nissan Maxima

The Superbowl is to Americans what football is to us. Except that they call their game football as well. While their handsy game of armoured rugby has nothing to do with feet, the Superbowl is a massively popular TV event there, and as such, big companies pay millions to advertise during the game, going as far as making custom commercials for those ad-break slots. Nissan was one of the advertisers this year, and they gave the public a glimpse of the all-new 2016 Nissan Maxima in their TV spot. And later, then they released some images after the event.


The actual commercial is overlong and offers an irrelevant look at their motorsports featuring fictional failures and victories, but it ends with split-second shots of the 2016 Nissan Maxima, all 2 seconds of it. These freeze-frames show pretty much the entire car, which is based on the Nissan Sports Sedan Concept shown a year ago.


Some of the concept’s pizazz seems to have been lost in translation, but not a whole lot. Expect a carryover V6 and CVT automatic for the front-wheel-drive platform.

2016 Nissan Maxima 2

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  1. Styling is sharp and the car’s looks are futuristic. Driving a Lancer Fortis now and I am not a great fan of CVT transmission.

  2. Nooo just a bigger Sentra err Altima, Avalon.

  3. Wow amazing! A true flagship.

  4. looks like a minor update to Mazda6 …. poor nissan!

    • Side profile is exactly similar to the Altima & front fascia is nowhere similar to Mazda’s.. stop bringing the Mazda’s name in every reveal article -_-

    • I guess the front fender is somewhat similar to the 6. Can’t blame people for making a comparison to the 6 considering its the best looking of the lot 😉

    • No doubt about the Mazda being the best looking in its segment; however, the reason behind my comment is that even though the Maxima’s rear is pretty much similar to the Avalon’s, people (not only on this website) are more concerned about its similarity with the Mazda

    • @HA … front always define the car most prominently and if you can’t find similarities b/w this thing and 6, you’d better get your eyes tested. oh btw i have a strong liking for altima as well.

    • @host
      Cars will always have similarities between each other but we don’t have to be picky.. guess what, headlights are similar to Toyota Zelas too and Mazda 6 design aggressiveness is a bit similar to Dodge Charger’s (headlights & fog lights/spoiler)

      However; they’re obviously unintended ones 😉

    • @HA .. agree with your point about generic similarities but 6 and charger? Come on …

  5. Front Mazda
    Rear impala

  6. nissan grand sentra

  7. Who said its Hyundai running the design evolution? Well its Nissan, very much futuristic and truly an astounding beauty.

  8. Its superb and eager to see interior too

  9. Hyundai azera rear mazda6 front

  10. Nissan even copied Mazda’s soul red colour

  11. They should change the suspension to match the sporty design of the car

  12. Kia Cadenza is way better

  13. The car looks cool. Too bad it has that horrible cvt.

  14. Looks boxy. Too much fibre mouldings. I prefer the present sleek version .

  15. Looks great, not too far off the 2014 sports sedan concept either. Could i just get one without a cvt please!!!!

  16. I think it’s time to stop comparing car designs against car designs. Countless models from each brands, competition forcing them to update the designs as frequent as per year, then some resemblance to other cars should be tolerable. After all it has to look like a car, it’s like dressing up a man, there is a limited choice of outfits you can choose. Cars should be compared for what’s underneath and how practical the interior is. Mazda managed to firm out a design language first among Japs, probably because of their comparatively high European connections, but other Japs and Koreans seems to be reactive in their approach. These fluidic and whatever designs are not going to live long like the ever bold statements from Audi. After writing I just realised there aren’t many other brands who can claim to have kept their identity in designs.

  17. Maxima ia the best Car of the year 2015 &

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