Jaguar F-Pace hot-weather testing in the UAE

Jaguar F-Pace hot-weather testing in the UAE

2017 Jaguar F-Pace in the UAE

Last we heard, Jaguar-Land Rover had a dedicated engineering facility in the UAE. It’s the reason why everybody’s been seeing the camouflaged Jaguar F-Pace prototype roaming the streets, usually alongside a convertible Range Rover Evoque. Instead of spy shots, Jaguar has just released their own heavily-photoshopped beauty shots of the prototype.

The F-Pace crossover is coming along exactly as expected, looking like the prototype that was shown 2 years ago. Based on a stretched version of the Jaguar XE’s new aluminium platform, the F-Pace will likely feature Jaguar’s new “Ingenium” engines similar to the XE.

We expect the F-Pace to set to be revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, and will hit European showrooms by early 2016. In all likelihood, it will come to UAE and other GCC showrooms by next summer.

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  1. Spotted this week a Range Rover Evoque Diesel convertible. On E611 road then he joined me at the petrol station. I spoke to the driver, he had many testing stuffs inside, including the simulation of a passenger and a trunk full of electronic stuff.

    I asked permission to come closer and the the interior, but he preferred to avoid that.

    However, I confirm it’s a diesel Evoque, with light brown fabric roof (convertible). Wheels were black, seemed to have been painted to hide too.

  2. its like a complete copy of the Kia Sorento. Front, side and back

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