Tesla Model X fully-electric crossover SUV debuts

Tesla Model X fully-electric crossover SUV debuts

Tesla Model X SUV 1

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently unveiled his company’s long-awaited all-electric Model X crossover SUV. first announced in 2012, the expensive new model isn’t particularly attractive, but it is packed with revolutionary features for a production car.

With powertrains similar to the Tesla Model S, the plug-in electric-only Model X 90D has an estimated range of 413 km, while the P90D will do 403 km.

The Tesla Model X is apparently the first SUV to get five stars in every crash test category, as there is no petrol engine in the front and the heavy battery is placed so low that there is a very low chance of roll-over. Also, the car’s massive air filter apparently gives the car a “Bioweapon Defense Mode” that will protect against types of bacteria, gases and other apocalyptic scenarios.

Musk also showed off the crossover’s “Falcon Wing” rear doors which have sensors that can check and then adjust how high the door opens depending on the height of the garage ceiling. They also can open up even when parked incredibly close to neighbouring cars.

The Model X can somehow seat seven with cargo room to spare, but it can’t have a roof rack with the Falcon Wing doors.

The first of these cars are called the Signature Founders Series models which start at US$ 132,000, and come with Autopilot and an optional US$ 10,000 “Ludicrous Speed” upgrade.

There are no known plans by any local dealers to bring the Tesla brand to the GCC, even though a few privately-imported Model S sedans have been spotted in the UAE.

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  1. the beginning of the end of the Oil & Gas industry?

  2. Once Tesla launch its mass market car the model 3, there is gonna be a revolution in automobile industry. The car as we know it today, will soon be a thing of past!

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