Car servicing outside dealer will not void warranty in UAE soon

Car servicing outside dealer will not void warranty in UAE soon


Here’s some good news for car owners in the UAE. The Supreme Committee for Consumer Protection at the Ministry of Economy has recommended that the warranty of vehicles shouldn’t be affected irrespective of where the vehicle is serviced. That means owners of new cars will soon be able to service their cars at any garage instead of getting ripped off by the dealer, without voiding the warranty.

According to Gulf News, “the recommendation is seen as an indication of an imminent ruling to ensure the protection of motorists’ rights in deciding where they would choose to service their vehicles.”

Earlier this year, the ministry had announced that all cars must be serviced at every 10,000 km instead of every 5,000 km as some dealers were enforcing in a bid to milk car owners. This new rule is set to go into effect by January, and some top Japanese brands have already announced that they will follow the new service schedule.

In a related move, the committee is considering a 4-star rating system to evaluate the service provided by car repair workshops, and these ratings will be made available to the public.

The ministry was also responsible for cancelling the additional fees charged by petrol stations when a credit card is used to pay for petrol.

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  1. So it’s fine if I put some headers and exhaust notes on my car? Or it will still void the warranty?

  2. About time….they’ve been ripping consumers long enough with their ‘void warranty’ threat

  3. Wow…..this sucks( for me)

    The maintenance part was so crucial for me…im guessing it is for everyone.

    Just purchased an fj cruiser extreme…paid 8200 dirhams extra for a 4 year/60000 service(yea i know …not 80000kms and maintenance not included)….succha a rip off by these so called japanese stealerships just because service intervals have been changed from 5000kms to 10000…how does that make sense..?

    if i knew this, i wouldav bought my first choice which was a dodge chharger rt …same price too…just crappy dealers and aftersales.

    I guess this will be good move…but still some restrictions will be there for sure!

    • So you had a FJ and Charger in your list. So off-roading was not your purpose I guess. Then why FJ?! Yeah I know, 90% of the 4X4 trucks here have never seen what’s beyond the tarmac!

  4. Yea….ur right …I had both in the list..was more inclined towards the charger….however..
    I realized buying a dodge from alfuttaim would be the biggest mistake(ur better of buying a used one in good condition)….customer service is so bad!not that toyota is any good….I felt fj would be more fun..nd I agree most 4×4 dunt make it offroad…but that will not be the case….I’ve been doin some research about a few off road groups….will get into that eventually…but apart frm offroading….the ride should be comfortable….especially in traffic and fj seemed to be the right choice …advised by most of them who have owned one

    • Can not understand you said FJ seems to be the right choice especially in traffic?
      I also don’t understand the ride would be comfortable? It is a off road purpose SUV with Solid-Axle Rear Suspension.

    • Just FYI
      I’m the owner of 2015 challenger r/t,
      service at official rashidiya station is perfect so far…

    • @ Dante
      We might be deviating from the topic..but since u asked about ride comfort…I used to drive a coupe which ofcourse rides very low compared to the fj and had a much stiffer ride…I used to feel every bump on the road and that uses to take a heavy toll on my back…and Driving the fj seems to be much effortless than the coupe(the seating posting is really good in my opinion) plus it rides on bfg’s and fox suspension.Also,the solid axle is a valid point but differs from car to car…(I may be wrong)..I’m just talking from personal experience..

    • gv, its time you joined an offroading club and understand the full potential of your FJ…. you wont be disappointed, that I can assure you

    • Hahaa..true sam….and its so tempting…u have no idea…so many groups…so many experts…I’ve been gettin a lot of tips…dos and don’t. ..well all in good time!

    • The present weather is perfect for this hobby. The good time is now.

  5. Thank goodness! Finally we will be able to save ourselves from these shady dealership servicing.
    Toyota servicing is so bad, that you do not notice ANY difference in the car after you are charged AED 1,000+. And after a few thousand kms you will still have weird noises from the car and brakes. Toyota Service is hopeless.

    I also have a Hyundai and so far they are really good. But again – they never attend to the list of issues you mention to them. You just need to keep coming back again and again and again…

    • After spending 1000DHS I am pretty sure you should feel your wallet lighter…. 😀

      I agree to the part Al Futtaim overcharging for nothing these days.

  6. Just been ripped off by Trading Enterprise – dodge which is under al futtaim.. about time we consumers save our money!!

  7. Just got my service done at al futtaim….enquired about the service quality..and he was like..”wer not bad but it’s a rip off”…toyota over charges on everything…and we’ve owned couple of toyota’s before…the service quality has gone down the drain over the past 6-8 years..I’ve heard from some of my friends,that they don’t change all the parts as they claim …especially oil filters..make sure u know about the parts…do some learning..or else these guys will take u for a ride…Dodge …toyota are all the same …
    Honda trading enterprises seems to be much better…I’ve had a good experience with them….service quality is good.

  8. Last month I sent my car to al futtaim for service and they haven’t checked properly. Wheel balancing out… M sure now they over charged us for nothing and m pretty sure they might won’t even check Tyres nuts properly 🙂

    • @dee

      agree with 100%.. AFM does that alot, it seems they just fill in a checklist and literally do nothing.

    • That’s what happens when the products sell like hot cakes. The attitude becomes take it or leave it. It’s an irony that this happens with a company like Toyota whose name is synonymous with quality and whose culture, “The Toyota Way” is taught in management schools as epitome of quality management!

  9. Good move, although, correct me if I’m wrong, but every manufacturer/dealer has a check list detailing what work needs to be performed and at what interval. Each brand and model will have specific requirements. Will these independent workshops have this info and carry out service accordingly? Every 10k/15k km intervals will entail more than just an oil and filter change, which people would usually carry out at the 5k km.

  10. Can some for the Drivearabia team or technician advise.

    I have a Suzuki since 2013, however after the initial 10000 kms I have always maintained the car outside of the dealership. Suzuki would provide me 7 years unlimited kms warranty on my car, but it was void due to me maintaining my car outside.

    My car stands at 61000kms without an iota of a problem. The question I have is, if I do have any kms or engine warranty based issues, shouldn’t I be covered under the company’s warranty even if it means after Jan1st 2016?

  11. Car servicing outside dealer will not void warranty in UAE soon??? is this implemented, can this be explained futher? any news on the implementation?

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