So we got a 2016 BMW M2

So we got a 2016 BMW M2

2016 BMW M2 in the UAE

The last time we drove a BMW, the year was 2012 and everybody was celebrating the fact that the world hadn’t ended. Frankly, looking at the carmaker’s roster, it doesn’t look like we missed anything crucial aside from the BMW M3 (unless you count front-wheel-drive minivans and uber-pricey electric cars as things that interest you). Well, here we have the BMW M2, which some say is better than anything else the company makes right now.

2016 BMW M2 in the UAE 6

Looks-wise, BMW has done all it can to inject some aggressiveness in the 2-Series’ tall bulbous profile. The widened fenders and blade-like bumpers are welcome upgrades.

2016 BMW M2 in the UAE 4

Inside, it is standard BMW fare, bordering on the boring even. But our test car is loaded to the hilt with features, and it’s surprisingly spacious for its size.

2016 BMW M2 in the UAE 3

And it drives every bit like a BMW M product should drive. More on that in the full review.

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  1. Queue Point Liwan, quiet place for a shoot I’d say.

  2. Maybe someone asked this question before?
    But how do you manage to photograph all the cars in the same spot always 😉

  3. Your choice for taking the photo with the classic 3 series is priceless. On the funny side the 2 series is the same size as the old 3 series. Being from Lebanon originally, few inches make a lot of difference in congested Beirut..Cheers!

  4. Just If it was a manual

  5. Any Alpina version? Like Alpina B2?

  6. Me like!

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