2017 BMW 5-series plug-in hybrid version introduced

2017 BMW 5-series plug-in hybrid version introduced


If you like going against the grain and actually prefer the new ill-received BMW 5-Series as well as plug-in hybrid cars, the increasingly mass-market German carmaker has a solution for you. BMW has introduced a plug-in hybrid version of the new 5-series sedan called the 530e. The hybrid 5-series has a lot in common to the 330e hybrid released a few months ago.

In terms of aesthetics, blue inlays for the kidney grill, some badges and the extra cap for plugging it in are the bits that differentiate it from the mainstream fossil-fuel models. But underneath the skin, it is a whole new setup. The 2.0-litre 184 hp four-cylinder engine is mated to an electric motor which chips in a handy 95 hp to produce a total output of 252 hp and 420 Nm of torque.

BMW’s 8-speed automatic channels this power to the rear wheels to propel the car from 0-100 kph in 6.2 seconds. The top speed is a healthy 235 kph. There is an electric-only mode that allows the car to reach speeds of 140 kph. The range of the hybrid is claimed to be an adequate 45 km in the electric-only mode. Switch it back into hybrid mode and it will offer you a claimed efficiency of 2 litres/100 km. The CO2 levels are down as well, at 46 g/km.

Following the steps of the 2012 ActiveHybrid 5, the 530e can be monitored via the “My BMW Remote” app for Android and iOS. This will enable the user to check the remaining range and battery level via their smartphone. The 530e is slated to be released by March 2017, although there are no plans to bring it to the UAE in the immediate future.

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