So we got a 2017 Mazda CX-9

So we got a 2017 Mazda CX-9

Mazda has been on a roll lately, with their latest models appealing to everyone from commuters to enthusiasts, which no one else has been able to replicate. But there was one sore spot in their line-up which, oddly enough, is their flagship model — the midsize CX-9 crossover. It was a fairly competent vehicle, but it had been left unchanged for almost a decade. So we were really looking forward to driving their all-new 2017 CX-9.

The exterior is by far Mazda’s most extroverted effort, with a shark-like nose and premium detailing throughout. The shape isn’t perfect, with long overhangs and such, but it is quite the looker compared to all its conservative rivals.

The interior finally gets all the premium materials the CX-9 deserves, with up-to-date multimedia tech and safety features to boot.

And while Mazdas were always good drivers, they’ve found a way to make the CX-9 drive even better than before. More on that in the full review.

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  1. definitely an improvement over the past iteration.

  2. Can’t be compared with the competitors in regards of space in the 3rd row. How do you expect someone to sit in the back with such space?

    • Author

      The second-row slides front a bit. Even in the position shown, an average adult can fit with the second-row seatback more upright and toes tucked under the second-row seat. Not ideal, but manageable.

  3. a good one from mazda

  4. I find this more of a soccer mom car than a sorento whicn looks more sleek and refined

  5. Its a super beautiful car. I have seen it personally few days back in Yas Mall, only draw back is 2.5L V4 turbo engine I wish if Mazda engineers used 3.5L V6 engine.

    • Author

      The turbo is better.

    • turbo is better but for such a big family car considering luggage also 2.5L turbo seems to be under power or turbo is worth using at least 3.0L turbo.
      Well its my opinion I know its more like family SUV not drag racing SUV but still “power does matter ” !!!

  6. when will the review be up? also is it any good i mean it got a weaker engine how did that affect the driving experience?

  7. excellent drive feel.does not feel like an suv at all.lots of power.No Turbo lag.only need to wait and see if the turbo cope well with this region.

  8. i test drove one recently and took my own time……drove at 120kms….sharp turns…..F1 style overtaking and damn it was awesome and dnt frgt this was the second option one nt the high end. Turbo indeed is enough for a family considering that its only one third of times will one actually drive with the car loaded. Bu Hasan there are only 3 SUVs with a proper 3rd row…..Armada/qx56 …..suburban…..and tahoe the extended one. I own Qx56. Look at the mileage for CX9 VERY VERY impressive. The only drawback is the car only looks proper with the high end wheel size. Interior noise is minimum….only the turbo can be heard. Second row adjustable….good move. Oversized grill and the smallest ever fog lamps….bt you know what…..thats what makes it unique. By the way i drive a mazda 6 for everyday use and i didnt feel that i was driving a 9….thats how good the handling is…….Mazda really sticks to the ZOOM ZOOM tag and none of their cars are ugly

  9. One more thing….see the woman before marrying……test drive the car before you give the opinion on the driveabilty

  10. It’s still not available in showroom in dammam. I wonder why? Is there any way to get it now

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