Brand new Honda S2000 sold in Australia last month

Brand new Honda S2000 sold in Australia last month

The internet is going wild over news that a brand new Honda S2000 was sold in Australia last month. Before you get confused, it’s a 2008 model that a Honda dealer in Australia kept aside for display purposes (probably to make the brand look more sporting than it is currently), but they’ve finally sold it to an unknown customer.

Australia’s was digging through the country’s car sales statistics, and the solitary S2000 showed up on the list. Honda has declined to identify the customer, or the price of the car.

Honda S2000 production ended by 2009. However, we don’t find this news to be a big deal. We ourselves found a like-new 2007 Honda S2000 with only 16,000 km on the clock back in 2012, and snapped it up for Dhs 85,000 in Dubai, which was about half the price of a new one. Considering the S2000 is already considered a classic, we can probably sell it on for the same price, even with the parking-lot dings and roof tears it’s developed since then, but it still drives like a new car. It’s got 25,000 km on it now, but we can’t claim to have the lowest-mileage S2000 in the world now.

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  1. Here in Saudi Arabia I saw a brand new 1996 chevy impala ss five years ago in a small dealer who refused to sell it over the years for less than 98k. Lucky who will buy it eventually, corvette engine and gearbox wrapped by classic sporty sedan.

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