12th Jeep Jamboree held in Abu Dhabi

12th Jeep Jamboree held in Abu Dhabi

The 12th annual Jeep Jamboree was held in Abu Dhabi last week. The Jamboree is a group offroad event for all Jeep owners (as long as they have low-range gearing), organised by the dealer and held at different locations around the UAE every year.

This year’s Jamboree was run by Western Motors. While we were provided with our own showroom-fresh vehicles to tag along in the event, participants have to bring their own Jeeps, whether stock or modified. Almost 250 vehicles showed up this year, with about 700 people taking part in total.

If you’ve read our coverage of previous events, you’ll know how tough it was every year, and where everyone was basically left to fend for themselves once the cars hit the sand. However, this year the organisation was much more clear-cut, with different groups for amateurs and experienced drivers as well as constant monitoring by marshals.

Ahmed Nasr, General Manager at Western Motors, says it is a family-oriented event, which is why the food stops had playground setups for kids and other entertainment, and the offroad routes were picked with safety in mind.

Photos by Western Motors.

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  1. Another great customer experience from Western Motors. The 2017 Jamboree (Abu Dhabi version) was as usual very well organised compared to the one in Dubai. I attended many Jamboree’s in Abu Dhabi and many more n Dubai and the difference is quite noticeable. Sign me up for next year 🙂

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