World's largest Bugatti showroom opens in Dubai

World’s largest Bugatti showroom opens in Dubai

VW-owned French hypercar manufacturer Bugatti have opened doors to their largest showroom in the world, in Dubai. The low-volume brand is sold in the UAE via Al Habtoor Motors.

The Dubai outlet is the “world’s largest Bugatti showroom”, with an area of more than 240 square metres (or about the size of a large apartment) and is situated on the bustling Sheikh Zayed Road. This French car manufacturer’s facility is the 15th location in the brand’s global dealership network with their new brand design and its inauguration is the first event in the Chiron’s tour of the Arabian Peninsula.

The showroom has a tall glass facade, featuring the Bugatti grille horseshoe at the entrance. Inside the building, customers and guests are sat in a lounge area populated with furniture from the Bugatti Home Collection, where customers can configure their Chiron in a private atmosphere. The technical achievements and design of the Chiron are presented using exhibits and animations on large screens. There is also a heritage section, visitors can learn about the Bugatti brand values – Art, Forme, Technique. Also on display are high-end Parmigiani watches and other novelty items.

The showroom will showcase their one and only model, the Bugatti Chiron which our man exclusively reviewed recently. The Chiron is limited to a series of 500 units and wears a base price north of Dhs 11 million.

Their long-standing UAE distributor, Al Habtoor Motors, is also their most successful dealer in the world, having sold over 50 Bugatti Veyron units previously and now, has some 30 reservations for the Chiron. Apparently you can visit by individual appointment only.

Photos by George Kuruvilla and Al Habtoor Motors.

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  1. I am eager to know how much does the Salesman of this showroom earn per month…

  2. It is a show room for one car.
    So it does not matter if it was 50 sqm of 500sqm.
    The title “largest show room” is meaningless.

  3. Its interesting, Dubai is home to some of the most expensive cars in the world. Having the most expensive showroom is amazing. They’ve already sold 50 cars!!

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