2018 Infiniti QX80 facelift debuts globally at 2017 Dubai Motor Show

2018 Infiniti QX80 facelift debuts globally at 2017 Dubai Motor Show

Highlighting the importance of the UAE’s appetite for big luxury cars, Infiniti chose the 2017 Dubai Motor Show to debut its facelifted 2018 QX80.

The 2018 Infiniti QX80 is still based on the outgoing model, which itself is based on the Nissan Patrol, but it gets several new body panels that includes a completely redesigned front end as well as a redone rear, aside from new designs for the 20-inch and 22-inch wheel options. The new look addresses some of the design criticisms of the older model by moving the headlights up and changing up the front-fender vents, while adding a chrome strip on the tailgate to break up the bulky rear.

The interior features minimal changes, the most prominent being the new leather materials, quilted upholstery and wood veneer choices. The multimedia systems have now been upgraded, especially the rear entertainment system with larger 8-inch higher-res rear screens that can play individual content, while also adding an HDMI auxiliary port and three USB ports to the rear cabin.

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  1. I will not spend my money on such an outdated interior. It’s the same interior since 2011 !

    Other luxury brands started to fit their compact cars with virtual cockpit while infiniti still using sentra like gages.

  2. This QX80 is a BIG disappointment. Instead of spending money on various adverts everywhere they should spend money on upgrading the car…dash board still in monochrome which we saw 10 years ago on QX50. Is this a new car? I want to see those crazy people spending 325K AED buying this cars where Land Cruiser is equipped better.

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