So we got a 2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

So we got a 2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

Alfa Romeo, Fiat-Chrysler’s second-tier luxury brand that’s in comeback mode, dropped a bomb when their new rear-wheel-drive Giulia Quadrofoglio became the quickest sedan to lap the ‘Ring (at least at the time). While the hype from that 2015 run has faded, we finally got our hands on it to see if this car will save Alfa.

We weren’t fans of the styling when it first came out, looking as if an awkward nose was grafted onto an Infiniti Q50 with Kia Cerato tail lights. But seeing the car in person, it looks much more attractive, especially with the little Quadrifoglio details such as the extended side-skirts and the lip spoilers.

Inside, there are some luxury and sporty touches, but overall the ambience isn’t particularly uplifting for a compact car that costs as much as a small apartment.

But boy does it drive like a supercar. Like, literally, a supercar — complete with the quirks that make them a bit of a handful in traffic. More on that in the full review.

Keep track of the latest prices and updates in the UAE, KSA & GCC in the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio buyer guide.

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  1. Because Kia Stinger rules….wake up mash…

  2. which is better…Kia Stinger or this?

  3. I was waiting for this review, Can you please take an engine photo in your future reviews and news ? Thanks

  4. @Mashfique great article mate.

    Kia Stinger and Alfa Romeo are NOT in the same league guys, Alfa Romeo is competing against German Cars, and it holds the record for the fastest production sedan at Nurburgring. The Alfa Romeo has an engine that comes from Ferrari, the engineers that worked on this car came from, Ferrari, Maserati and Alfa Romeo. Remember Ferrari, Maserati and Alfa Romeo are part of the same company.

  5. Waiting for the complete review!
    Just a suggestion, if you could start a new segment where you compare cars, it would be amazing.

  6. Heart of the car is the engine , Would be 5 outta 5 had this been N/A engine similar to one in the SRT 392 6.4L with that razor sharp throttle response even from standstill.

  7. I dont know why some people here are comparing it to the stinger? wake up guys, this car costs 4 times more than the stinger, this car has an engine provided by Ferrari, what stinger are you talking about

    • It doesn’t want to be compared to a just a KIA stinger… but we just got to admit the lowly KIA is a really good performance car…more spacious…good looking…waaaaaaay cheaper…and its their first attempt on a performance car…Its even faster than a panamera and a BMW 6. and yes it is faster than the ford mustang GT.

  8. saw this comparo in youtube….with the stinger

    • Author

      That’s a Kia-sponsored ad. Like the one we did for the Ford van, except we labelled our ad.

      • Naturally since Kia is promoting the video and sharing it on social media, it’s obvious which vehicle is best in the comparison. But you might be surprised to hear some of the results, especially considering how much more expensive the competition is. We would be more surprised to hear consumers cross-shopping the Stinger GT with the Panamera or 6 Series Gran Coupe, but it does show just how good the Stinger GT really is.

        • I know I didn’t work hard all these years to save up for a Kia. lololol! Nobody else will pay so much for Kia either. Why don’t you buy one and prove me wrong?

          There is more to an expensive car than just looks and power, otherwise even hot new 300 hp camry v6 should be 200k.

          • remember your words in say ten years time….(sony vs samsung story)

          • Luxury cars don’t quite work like technology. After 30 years, Lexus and Infiniti are still third-level brands in sales compared to Germans, except for 1 or 2 models doing well. Even Jaguar with all their heritage and performance is losing, so what is Kia?

          • Who ever said that Kia is claiming luxury? And why would you suggest that? Is it because it doesn’t really have any other competitor other than the German brands? By that alone Big D you are actually accepting Kia is at par with those brands. You even mentioned Jaguar is loosing…so the same can’t happen to the German brands?
            I’m wondering what car you drive….? German car your ass…I’ll stick to whatever most highly likely I can afford at car that gives me almost the same performance.
            I’m a millennial you sound Old school…with old beliefs.

  9. I think you should test drive the Kia Stinger Mash…itd be interesting to see if their claims are true. The car deserves a chance as an underdog…cause then if its true what they claim…we will now have performance car for the POOR!?

  10. What a stunning car and the surreal feeling just by sitting in the perfectly positioned driving seat holding that steering wheel was unforgettable (got so lucky in DMS 2017). Sadly couldn’t drive it and I’m so envious Mashfique since you got that opportunity. Everything in this machine is so well tuned for sheer driving pleaure.Well written review btw..

  11. I hope you could get to review the Genesis G70 which is a direct competitor to this or perhaps a Kia Stinger. Thanks.

  12. I really don’t get why few are comparing this to a Kia Stinger! Giulia Q has a Ferrari derived engine that feels like a 4 door super car to drive on the roads. It’s a BMW M3 / Mercedes C63s rival when it comes to power and performance, not the Kia that is suppose to rival BMW 340i.

    Kia Stinger is performance car for the poor for sure, in few years when there will be some used one to buy!

    • The fact that the Alfa has DERIVED or better yet “borrowed” engine is already a bummer. How can you be proud of that? How can you even compare that with the leagues of the ferrari? A car company that cannot make its own engine…OMG

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