So we got a 2018 MG ZS

So we got a 2018 MG ZS

Chinese cars have still not hit their stride in the UAE, even as they are gaining acceptance in a few other GCC countries such as Saudi Arabia. Truth be told, they’re starting to become world-class now, and among the best Chinese brands right now is MG. As much as Chinese onwers SAIC are trying to push it as a British brand, MG has truly moved on from their heyday as a performance carmaker draped in the Union Jack. The latest MG line-up consists of economy cars and crossovers. This MG ZS here is their smallest crossover offering.

Some may say it looks derivative, but we think it looks reasonably sharp, even if there is no specific corporate look for MG right now. What you can’t see in the photos is the generally admirable build quality, as good as anything from Japan, Korea and America nowadays.

Inside, it’s surprisingly clean and modern. You’d never guess this car costs about as much as a Toyota Yaris on a Ramadan discount.

By now, you must be thinking if the Chinese really have built a potential class-leader. Well, there’s something lacking in the drive aspect. More on that in the full review.

What do you think?



  1. Looks aren’t orginal though but who cares if this mini-SUV costs as much as a Japanese Hatchback !!!

  2. Fantastic car had mine since November just a pitty we carnt get the accessories for it here in the uk

  3. front is more like Mazda CX-5..reliability and service parts not sure if conveniently available.

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