Hyundai develops center-side airbag between front passengers

Hyundai develops center-side airbag between front passengers

Safety is at the forefront of car development right now. Hyundai Motor Group has chipped into this transformation by developing an airbag that will deploy into the space between the driver and front passenger to prevent them from colliding into each other.

According to the data by the European Automobile Manufacturer’s Association, 45% of injuries accident injuries are caused by front passengers colliding into each other or by hitting the interior trim. The new airbag aims to reduce these kinds of injuries by forming a barrier between the driver and the shotgun.

The new airbag unit is housed inside the driver’s seat which will expand into the space between the front seats. If the passenger seat is not occupied, it will prevent the driver from injuries during a side collision from the right side. It is expected to reduce head injuries due to a collision between front passengers by 80%.

This airbag unit developed by Hyundai is not just innovative in terms of application but also in its weight. It is claimed to be one of the lightest center-side airbags in the world, at about 500 grams lighter than the competition. This drop in weight is due to the new technology devised by the company to simplify the design of the tether, a component that helps the airbag hold its form and withstand the passenger’s weight.

This new airbag will help Hyundai in the upcoming Euro NCAP which will take side impacts into consideration. The new airbag technology may eventually be used across Hyundai Motor Group’s Hyundai, Kia and Genesis range of vehicles.

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