Carzaty’s assured used cars deliver the highest quality standards

Carzaty’s assured used cars deliver the highest quality standards

Driven by quality, fueled by satisfaction, Carzaty, UAE’s digital retailer of new and used cars offers customers an exceptional level of confidence when purchasing one of their assured cars. With a rigorous reconditioning process on each vehicle, Carzaty’s assured cars meet the highest quality standards, offering the best value in the market.

Carzaty’s thorough reconditioning are done by experienced technicians who understand the importance of a vehicle’s history. Carefully chosen out of thousands of cars, these are a selection of the very best used cars for sale in the UAE further ensuring that customers can avoid buying a vehicle with any costly hidden issues.

“Buying a car is a big decision. We understand the consequences of purchasing a vehicle that lacked regular service, proper maintenance or was in an accident. This is why Carzaty’s assured car are certified to the highest quality standards,” said Ryan Atallah, Branch Manager at Carzaty. “We take pride in our assured cars and our team is with our customers every step of the way.”

Carzaty’s car inspectors undertake a thorough and painstaking check of each component of a vehicle before admitting a car into the collection of hundreds of Carzaty cars available to customers for purchase. Inspectors spend hours ensuring each car is up to the Carzaty quality standard. From the vehicle’s cosmetic condition to its mechanical and safety standing, inspectors are able to detect any hidden problems, ensuring that only the best cars make the cut.

With superior in-class customer service and a line-up of the best cars in the UAE, Carzaty offers buyers the best value for their money. Without fancy or expensive showrooms, Carzaty avoids unnecessary overhead, which in turn saves buyers up to 20-30 percent over new car prices.

Continuing to provide car shoppers with a flexible and hassle-free experience, customers can shop Carzaty’s full inventory online or from the nearest CarHub where they can find the next car of their dreams and reserve it for a test drive. If they don’t love it they can leave it, no questions asked.

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