BMW iX electric SUV revealed, pushing big grills into the future

BMW iX electric SUV revealed, pushing big grills into the future

With the i8 hybrid sports car pulled out of the market and the i3 hatchback overlooked by global buyers, BMW has never been a key player in the electrified car arena. Now, they aim to change the status quo with their latest flagship electric SUV, the BMW iX, revealed in its “series production development phase,” meaning it’s still a concept.

If you are one of those who hated the massive new kidney grills on the BMW M3/M4, 7 Series, or the X7, the newly revealed BMW iX electric SUV may bring you bad news. The flagship electric SUV is trolling naysayers by making the grill even bigger.

The BMW iX rides on a completely new architecture developed by BMW exclusively for electric vehicles. It is a large SUV, with dimensions similar to the X5 and X6. The defiant grill has a function to justify the size. It is home to a multitude of sensors, cameras and radars for the high-end driver assistance systems that come with the iX. The design language used for the iX is radically different from the conventional BMW SUVs, fitting the futuristic aura of the iX.

The interior peers into the future, just like the exterior. There sits a hexagonal steering wheel that “improves ease of access and gives the driver a better view of the Information display.” The seat controls are now placed on the door panels. The sleek air vents and the large screen completes the minimalistic appeal of the iX’s interior. The interior is clearly more inviting than the “futuristic” exterior.

The all-electric fifth-generation powertrain of the BMW iX utilises two electric motors with a combined output of 500 hp. This is good enough to power the iX from 0 to 100 kph in under 5 seconds. A 100-kWh battery pack helps the large SUV to run more than 480 km on a single charge. The battery supports fast-charging up to 200 kW, filling the battery up to 70 percent in just 40 minutes. A quick 10-minute top-up can add 120 km to the range. The numbers may change when the BMW iX grows into its final production form.

BMW reveals no details about the intended launch date of the iX but production will start in the second half of 2021, probably followed by a launch by the end of the year.

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  1. Inside looks like a DS7 / DS9.

    Overall, they should re-hire Chris Bangle. Seriously.

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