Dubai brings in London taxi cabs for trial

Dubai brings in London taxi cabs for trial

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced the launch of the London taxi cab model as part of the city’s offerings this year.

The latest version of the hybrid-electric London cabs from LEVC (London EV Company) are purpose-built as taxis, with seating for six in the isolated rear cabin. It also features a ramp for wheelchairs.

The taxi is fitted with a satellite-based navigation system, voice command system, forward-collision warning system, blind-spot monitoring system and lane departure warning system in addition to a WIFI network.

The RTA will start the ‘London Taxi’ service on trial from February and the service will be available at the Dubai International Airport.

The RTA also announced that they are using “big data and artificial intelligence” to operate taxis in high-demand areas. Taxis have been fitted with modern devices to curb driver malpractices. These include a system to stop the vehicle by the control centre in emergencies, a backup tracking system, and a vehicle distribution and scheduling system.

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  1. Excellent Technelogy, needs to be replicated in Kuwait immediately .


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