One-off Lamborghini SC20 built for secret customer

One-off Lamborghini SC20 built for secret customer

Mad Lamborghinis are everyone’s choice for bedroom posters. And if you are a child trapped in an adult’s body, you would have been elated when the Lamborghini Huracan STO came out a few days ago. Well, that is not the only new mad Lambo. Here is the Lamborghini SC20, an absolute one-off creation based on the Aventador.

The SC20’s design is what a little child thinks of when he hears the Lamborghini name. This is the second time the Aventador lost its roof completely, the first one being the Aventador J from 2012. The SC20 is developed by Lamborghini’s motorsport division Squadra Corse, and that shows in its design. It is far more aggressive than the run-of-the-mill V12 Aventador.

The already-sold SC20 is specifically built for a buyer who decided to go with Cepheus Blue accents on the edgy body.

The engine powering this one-off beast is the same V12 from the Aventador but pumped up to produce 770 hp and 720 Nm of torque. The outputs are exactly like that of the Aventador SVJ, the most hardcore of all the “regular” Aventadors.

The price that the buyer paid for this one-of-one Lamborghini SC20 has not been revealed. Assume it’s in the several million dollar range.

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