Jaguar and Land Rover now offers optional 10-year warranty in UAE & GCC

Jaguar and Land Rover now offers optional 10-year warranty in UAE & GCC

As the former owner of a Jaguar and a Land Rover, we can tell you a thing or two about British-luxury-car ownership. The after-warranty costs for our XK Coupe and Range Rover went up so high (think the price of a new Yaris, each) that eventually we came to our senses and bought Japanese. Jaguar Land Rover MENA has just announced a new optional warranty extension as “part of Jaguar Land Rover’s efforts to minimise any concerns typically associated with owning an older vehicle.”

The warranty on Jaguar Land Rover vehicle’s existing five-year contracts can now be extended to up to 10 years of ownership or 275,000 km. This extension will “offer lasting peace of mind as customer vehicle change cycle trends indicate that more and more customers are keeping their cars for longer periods of time.”

The programme offers four levels of coverage ranging from “basic” to “comprehensive”, with customers able to choose from a period of 6 to 36 months of coverage.

The extended warranty is applicable on vehicles that are currently three and a half years or older. That means both of our cars would’ve been eligible. We’re assuming the cost of the full 10-year warranty will be massive though, likely well north of Dhs 20,000, but it should be worth it if you do higher mileages.

For an idea on the typical costs of owning a high-end Jaguar or Range Rover, visit our long-term reports section.

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