2021 Tesla Model Y range adds new base model and 7-seater option

2021 Tesla Model Y range adds new base model and 7-seater option

When Tesla unveiled its Model Y back in 2019, it was quite obvious that they will come up with a less expensive base variant. Just released now, the new Tesla Model Y Standard Range fits into the range as the cheapest offering. It comes as a surprise since the CEO of Tesla himself had denied its existence via Twitter back in 2020. Aside from that, the small crossover gets a third row of seats too.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Inc had shared on Twitter that they will not be making a Model Y Standard Range as the range will be “unacceptably low (~250 miles EPA)”. But, half a year later, Tesla has rolled out the Model Y Standard Range anyway, despite its 244 miles (392 km) range, likely due to strong demand and lukewarm offerings in the segment.

The Tesla Model Y Standard Edition costs US$ 41,990 (Dhs 154,237) in the States, pegging it as the stepping stone to Tesla’s crossover range. The Tesla Model Y Standard Range gets a single motor driving the rear axle. The crossover takes just over 5.5 seconds to silently rush from 0 to 100 kph. The top speed is a respectable 217 kph.

The next big update to the Model Y range is the addition of the third row of seats. Though a big update, Tesla does not flash it much as the option kept deep inside its configurator, with the name “Seven Seat Interior.” This is a US$ 3,000 (Dhs 11,000) option that can be added to all Tesla Model Y variants except the Performance variant. Though the provision to seat 2 more passengers is handy, the photos do not inspire much confidence about the amount of headroom available at the back, thanks to the sloping roof. Like most crossovers in this segment, the third row may be best suited for little children.

The addition of the Tesla Model Y Standard Range will make the small crossover more accessible to buyers on a lower budget, and fiercely compete with EV rivals from traditional automakers. The additional practicality of the seven-seat option will only make the deal sweeter.

Expect it to be offered in the UAE and GCC after the typical Tesla delay, which can be anywhere from months to years if it’s a custom order.

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