XQuarry kicks off the season with special drive experiences

XQuarry kicks off the season with special drive experiences

XQuarry is back for its second season which kicked off on 24th September with the first of several free drive experiences.

The popular destination, located in Mleiha, Sharjah is a haven for offroad enthusiasts to test their skills on 24 purpose-built obstacles and multiple trails with their own 4×4 or with the park’s own Chevrolet vehicles.

Daniel Birkenhofer from XQuarry says “The mission for this season is to remove entry barriers and get more people out and embarking on new adventures in the safest possible way.

“The UAE is a fantastic place to discover the outdoors, and our adventure park is the perfect place to learn and master essential offroading skills”.

This season, the park has organized several events every month from 4×4 drives, to sports events, social bonfire evenings and more open days. . All events are supervised and managed by a trained team to ensure a great experience without any accidents or incidents which makes it the perfect way for newbies to make the first step and dare to embark on an adventure.

Daniel also adds “Driver training and outdoor education is the core element of XQuarry services but in the most fun and engaging way ensuring a memorable experience.

“For advanced or experts you can still explore the park its challenges and unique environment on your own but the focus is on our learning progression path discover, experience and master which you can find in all our trainings and courses”.

XQuarry also offers hiking, mountain biking and camping experiences that is suitable for the whole family, even without a 4×4. The park is open Friday – Sundays from 8 am to 6 pm and is also available for event hire.

DriveArabia and XQuarry Partnership

We are also happy to announce DriveArabia and XQuarry have joined together this season to be their media partner. In our exciting collaboration, we will be covering and taking part in a lot of events during XQuarry’s action-packed season calendar.

We will also be showcasing the capabilities of different SUV/Pickup Trucks on XQuarry’s course filled with obstacles specifically designed for off-road vehicles under the watchful eyes of highly experienced marshals.

This will give more value to our half-a-million strong readership as we provide a more comprehensive review of off-road vehicles currently available in the UAE & GCC market. Our readers can then  make a more informed decision on their next SUV purchase or also allow current 4×4 owners to feel more confident to try out their vehicles off-road.

About XQuarry

The UAE’s First Off-Road and Adventure Park XQuarry opened its gates in February 2021. To date several thousand people have discovered XQuarry, both on wheels and on foot.

XQuarry Off-Road & Adventure Park caters to off-roaders and adventure seekers with almost 12km of 4×4 tracks, 24 purpose built 4×4 obstacles, a dedicated obstacle running course, mountain bike trails, an off-road RC car area, and hiking trails, as well as camping facilities.

It’s only a one hour drive from Dubai, and even less from Sharjah, with the closest rock formation from the cities (Fossil Rock and FayaMountain), where the desert meets the mighty Hayarmountains.

XQuarry is the perfect city escape for UAE residents and tourist alike.

To find out more details you can contact them here.

Photos by PISA Studios and Hamza H.

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