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Manufacturer Recalls for September 2022

The month of September passed us, leaving a few automotive recalls. Here is a list of all recalls that were announced in the past month.

Hyundai and Kia

Hyundai and Kia have been reeling from fire-related recalls in the past few months. After a bunch of recalls that affected some of their models, including the flagship Telluride and Palisade SUVs, Kia adds 71,000 more vehicles to the list. This time, it is their most popular crossovers, the Sportage and Sorento that are affected. These vehicles may suffer from Chloride contamination on their circuit boards, which can lead to a fire. The recall includes 2016-2022 Sorento, 2021-2023 Sorento HEV, 2022-2023 Sorento PHEV, and 2017-2022 Sportage SUVs.

Another Kia Sportage recall is also triggered by a fire risk but this time, the cause is slightly different. It also affects the latest Sportage on the block, the 2023 model. The issue lies with a loose alternator battery nut. This nut holds the battery wire harness terminal to the alternator terminal. This nut going loose can stall the engine. Even worse, it can also trigger electric surges, that can lead to a full-blown fire. The recall number for this issue is SC248 and the owners of the new Kia Sportage can get in touch with the service centers for more information.


If you love your fingers a lot, this recall may be of a lot of importance to you. Tesla is recalling almost 1.1 million vehicles as their windows may not retract in time to save your fingers if they get caught. This delay can pinch your fingers, forming a hazard. The issue can be rectified via an over-the-air update. The candidates for this recall include certain 2020-2021 Model Y, and 2021-2022 Model X crossovers along with 2021-2022 Model S and 2017-2022 Model 3 sedans.


Porsche recalls 200,000 of their Macan, Cayenne, Panamera, and Cayman S models as they are missing a screw from headlight assemblies. The absence of this screw allows the driver to adjust the headlights beyond the permissible limits. This can obviously reduce the driver’s visibility and create glare for the oncoming motorists. As a fix, the dealers will inspect the units and install the caps as necessary.


It is not just expensive cars that develop problems that warrant a recall. On the economical end, Chevrolet announces a recall for 120,688 examples of their 2015 Chevrolet Spark. Both the petrol and EV models are affected. These vehicles were already recalled to prevent the corrosion of parts of the hood latch. The remedy for this did not work as well as expected, hence these vehicles are marching back to the dealers to get it fixed. They will replace the damaged components or the entire assembly if required.


Toyota announces a recall for their 2022 Tundra Pickup and the Lexus NX crossover. About 84,000 vehicles are affected by an issue that does not allow the parking brake to engage properly. This can cause the vehicle to roll away. A simple ECU update is the fix for this issue.

Ford and Lincoln

Almost 200,000 Ford Expeditions and Lincoln Navigators are a part of a recall that is caused by a blower motor that can fail. This is a fire risk. As per Ford, the cause of this issue is not identified yet. But there have been 25 fire allegations that Ford has taken note of. The dealers will replace the blower motors of the affected SUVs with a revised part that will rectify this risk.

Another Ford recall affects the Super Duty pickup from 2017 to 2020. The total recall covers 277,000 units of these pickups along with 13,000 units of the Lincoln Continental sedan. These trucks come with Ultimate Trailer Tow Camera and the Continentals get a 360-degree camera system, both of which contribute to this recall. A coating on the internal rear-view camera lens can progressively cloud up, producing foggy images.

That is the list of all recalls from the past month. See you next month with more recall news.

Check with your local dealer regarding these recalls.

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