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Exeed makes its debut in the UAE

Chinese premium brand Exeed recently revealed their cars and plans for the UAE on a live stream to the country’s top media, including DriveArabia. Vice general manager of the Middle East Region Mr Simon, brand director of Exeed international Mr Kevin, product director of Exeed Mr Ge attended and made a detailed demonstration of Exeed’s brand strength, current products and future development plan in the UAE.

Exeed origins

At the beginning of the live stream, Mr Kevin first introduced the brand origin of Exeed. Exeed is a luxury brand created by an international team for R&D, design and marketing based on first-class design and leading technology for the global high-end market. Its name is inspired by the word “exceed”.

Just like the “Born For More” concept conveyed by the brand, Exeed is committed to constantly exploring automobile design and manufacturing limits. Based on the design and leading technology, it leads users to explore the infinite bright future.

Global expansion

Mr Liu, vice General manager of the Middle East Region of the International Company, introduced Exeed’s global market strategy “Exeed has been successfully launched in different markets including Eastern Europe / Middle East and South American as well as others within one year time. Exeed is a new luxury brand from China, but we are dedicated to building the brand into a global automobile brand in the near future. At the same time, through the ultimate user experience, the concept of “BBE” (BWM, Benz, Exeed) is created so that more and more customers can feel the high-end experience of Exeed.”

Exeed models

Product director of Exeed, Mr Ge also introduced the latest Exeed models during the meeting and said that Exeed had launched three SUV models, including VX, TXL and LX. Among them, VX is a 7STR SSS Class Flagship SUV, with “3S” based on” super intelligent, super performance, super spacious “.

It has nearly 5 meters of “aircraft carrier class”,2 + 3 + 2 luxury seven-seat driving space, AI intelligent technology, master level adjusted Bentler chassis and BorgWarner AWD intelligent four-wheel drive system.

Future plans

During the meeting, the Exeed management team also exchanged ideas about how UAE customers favour the new automotive industry and how Exeed, as a luxury brand, can provide the best experience to them.

In the global strategic layout of the brand, Exeed’s high-end journey comes with the spirit of exploration, “constantly exploring and surpassing ourselves”.

Exeed will continue to explore innovative, cutting-edge technologies, carry out green energy public welfare actions, and strive to become a global brand with sustainable development and green travel solutions.

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