Manufacturer Recalls for December 2022

Manufacturer Recalls for December 2022

The last month of 2022 sadly comes with two more deaths related to the Takata airbags. Also, 2022 parted from us, leaving behind a list of other recalls.


The most unfortunate story from December 2022 is the reporting of another Takata Airbag death. The unfortunate incident happened in a 2010 Chrysler 300. The driver-side airbag inflator of which ruptured during a crash. This happened after Stellantis issued a “Do Not Drive” warning for more than 276,000 Dodge Chargers, Magnums, and Challengers along with Chrysler 300s from the model years 2005 to 2010. The owners of these vehicles should contact their dealership to implement the fix for free.

Another Takata Airbag-related death was reported, this time caused by a faulty inflator in a 2002 Honda Accord. Honda says that this vehicle was included in a recall announced back in 2011 and has made 300 attempts since to reach the owner. But apparently, the repair was never completed. NHTSA urges the customers to use their recall list to see if their vehicles have any open Takata airbag recall and if yes, get it mended as soon as possible.

GM recall

Another American giant on this list is General Motors, with a massive recall that spans four of its brands. More than 740,000 vehicles from the Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, and GMC brands are being recalled to fix an issue with the daytime running lights. The LED DRLs of these vehicles may not turn off even when the headlamp is turned on. Though it does not have an effect on the vehicle, the additional light may increase glare for the oncoming vehicles, increasing the chances of a collision. The models include Chevrolet Silverado 1500, Suburban, Tahoe, GMC Yukon and Sierra 1500, Cadillac CT4, CT5, Escalade, and Buick Envision. The model years range from 2020 to 2023, depending on the model. The fix is quite simple, a software update that will be done for free.

Nissan recall

Nissan recalls 125,215 units of the 2017 X-Trail crossovers to mitigate fire risk. In these vehicles, water may seep into the wiring harness in the driver’s footwell. This can lead to corrosion and, eventually, a fire. This recall is an extension of another recall for the same defect from January 2022, which affected 664,779 X-Trails from 2014 through 2016.

McLaren Artura

McLaren’s latest hybrid supercar, the Artura, is also on this list. Understandably, the number of units is quite small, at 150. The problem that led to this recall was a fire risk. High-pressure fuel lines in these vehicles are fastened using cold-formed nuts that may get loosened up from the fuel pump over time, especially during track runs. Unsurprisingly, this will lead to a fuel leak and possibly a fire. Owners of the affected Arturas can get their fuel pipes replaced for free from a McLaren dealership.

RAM recall

Yet another American recall on this list is the biggest of them all. The recall is 1.4 million trucks strong, and it comes from Ram. According to NHTSA documentation, these trucks may have misaligned tailgate strikers that can prevent proper latching of the tailgate. This can cause the tailgate to open unexpectedly. This can lead to a messy situation if the vehicle is on the run with some cargo in the bed. The trucks built from June 13, 2018, until July 10, 2022, are included in this recall.

That is all from the last month of 2022. Stick around to see what 2023 brings to the table.

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  1. Out of an abundance of caution, my wife’s Chrysler 300 is parked at Mandal Chrysler in D’Iberville, MS. for five weeks. Neither Mandal nor can confirm that earlier recalls used resigned airbag inflators.

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