Mazda MX-30

2023 Mazda MX-30 R-EV will revive the rotary engine but not in the way you think

Rotary or Wankel engines are celebrated on social media for their high specific output and peculiar noise. But these engines are no longer around due to their inability to comply with the modern strict anti-pollution requirements. But it is coming back. No, don’t celebrate yet. The new rotary engine in the 2023 Mazda MX-30 R-EV may not be what you expect.

In its previous avatar, the rotary engine uplifts the vehicle’s performance. Mazda RX-7 and RX-8 sports cars are the most celebrated rotary-engined cars. But unlike these performance machines, the Mazda MX-30 R-EV will utilize the rotary engine for a different purpose, as a range extender for its electric powertrain. The current Mazda MX-30 EV is not a strong contender regarding range, and the new model hopes to change that.

The current Mazda MX-30 EV uses a 35.5-kWh battery. It provides juice to a single motor that outputs 144 hp and 271 Nm of torque. The new MX-30 R-EV may have an increased output to offset the added weight of the engine, but this is not confirmed yet. Mazda is also tight-lipped about the displacement of the rotary engine.

It will be interesting to see how Mazda has worked around the apparent engine shortcomings, efficiency, and emissions. Both characters are utterly undesirable in the world of EVs. All of these details will surface when it comes into production next year.

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