2023 Mitsuoka Viewt

2023 Mitsuoka Viewt is a quirky Yaris you’ll never need

The Japanese carmaker Mitsuoka is not a household name like Toyota or Nissan. But they certainly grab some attention, thanks to their eccentric designs like the Mitsuoka Orochi. Their creations are primarily based on other vehicles, and this time, for the 2023 Mitsuoka Viewt, they have picked a Yaris.

The 2023 Mitsuoka Viewt is not a new name. In Japan, they have been selling redesigned Nissan Micras under this name. But this time, they have chosen a Yaris for their latest creation. The front end is as quirky as it can get, borrowing cues from the Jaguar Mark 2 from the ‘60s. Some extra body lines are given to sync with the front end. The rear also gets round tail lamps and rounded body lines to bring in that retro vibe. The steel wheels complete the design.

2023 Mitsouka Viewt

The interior sees not a lot of changes, though. There are some new colours and upholstery, but it mostly remains unchanged apart from the Mitsuoka branding on the steering.

The pricing for the 2023 Mitsuoka Viewt is the optimistic bit here. While the Toyota Yaris starts from ¥1,470,000 (AED 39,585) in Japan, the Viewt sets off at ¥3,080,000 (AED 82,941), which is quite an ask. The fully loaded AWD hybrid model will set you back ¥4,202,000 (AED 1,13,156). Will you spend this kind of money on a Yaris that stands out?

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