Omoda 5

Omoda & Jaecoo debut in Shanghai Auto Show, soon to launch in UAE & KSA

Omoda and Jaecoo recently debuted as independent brands at Auto Shanghai 2023. It was called the Chery Omoda before, but now the parent company has decided to launch it as an independent brand as they are considered to be more luxury. Among the cars unveiled at the event were the Omoda 5 e-QUA, the brand’s first purely electric vehicle, and the Jaecoo 7 and Jaecoo 9.

jaecoo 9

jaecoo 9

Omoda and Jaecoo are mainly focused on establishing electric cars. As of now, Omoda and Jaecoo will enter the Saudi Arabian market with petrol versions. However, in the later stages, EV models will also be introduced globally and in the UAE and KSA markets.

Omoda had already developed its first global vehicle, the Omoda 5. Not only this, the Omoda team has created the Eco-System called O-Universe for their consumer, where they no longer need to rely on different gadgets. In fact, their car and all the gadgets or any electronic device will be well integrated with OMODA Eco-System and can be controlled from one platform for ease of use.

Jaecoo, on the other hand, focused on designing “urban off-road” SUVs. From what we have seen, it probably means the Jaecoo will offer all-wheel-drive models with some off-roading capabilities.

omodo and jaecoo

Jaecoo 9 & Omodo 5

Omoda and Jaecoo also organized a Brand Day at their headquarters in Wuhu, Anhui Province, on April 20. During this event, where they shed some light on new clean energy technologies and future development strategies. More than 400 worldwide dealers and media representatives attended this event.

On April 22, Omoda and Jaecoo held their first global media test drive at the headquarters in Wuhu, China. Over 100 media outlets from more than 30 countries and regions around the world took turns to experience Omoda 5 and Jaecoo 7, the first product of the Jaecoo brand, through over 10 extreme simulation programs in three experience zones.

More than ten projects in the three test-driving areas directly showed the two major models of Omoda and Jaecoo brands with different styles, allowing everyone to test the products. The first pure electric product of the Omoda brand also appeared on the test drive site in the form of a static display.

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