Nissan Patrol 2010 launched in Abu Dhabi

Nissan Patrol 2010 launched in Abu Dhabi

The all-new 2010 Nissan Patrol was launched on February 13th, at a VIP event in Abu Dhabi. While we didn’t go, information is already trickling down on the net about the redesigned Patrol.

The 2010 Nissan Patrol is powered by a 400 hp 5.6-litre V8 with 560 Nm, with features such as “VVEL” variable-valve timing and “DIG” direct injection, and mated to a 7-speed automatic. A variable 4×4 Mode package allows switching between four drive modes: sand, on-road, rock and snow, with the flick of a switch. And a “Hydraulic Body Motion Control” system is available, seemingly a fancy term for four-wheel independent air suspension. Also available are an electronic locking rear differential, hill start and hill descent control, as well as lane-departure warning, automatic braking and stability control.

While there is no written mention of a lower engine option anywhere, one presentation even spoke of a base 317 hp 5.6-litre V8 with 521 Nm of torque, a possible carryover engine from the outgoing Armada. We also found out that there are two minor exterior variants, with the lower models getting a simpler offroad-friendly front bumper and the top model getting a fancier-moulded “city” front bumper.

The 2010 Patrol is can be outfitted as a full luxury SUV, with climate-controlled leather seats, Arabic-supported HDD navigation, wide WVGA 8-inch touchscreen, multi-screen DVD entertainment system, 9.3GB Music Box hard drive, Bluetooth, power rear liftgate, keyless start, adaptive cruise control, around-view cameras, and a centre console cool-box that can be opened from both 1st & 2nd-row seats. A Nissan first is the Off-road Monitor that provides real-time information such as tyre conditions involving steer angle, slip and pressure.

We will briefly touch the 2010 Patrol on February 15th at an event in Dubai. The luxury 4×4 is rumoured to go on sale in the UAE in a month or two, at prices between Dhs 180,000 to Dhs 270,000, with the outgoing model continuing to be on sale in a stripped-down trim for real offroad enthusiasts. Keep track of updates in the Nissan Patrol buyer guide.

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  1. Photos Nissan Patrol 2010 in the ceremony.

  2. wow. looks amazing guys

  3. Superb! Love it! =)

  4. Cool . Nissan Patrol with more onroad look. Really nice

  5. Fron and interiors are amazing but back side is not giving strong impression in my openion

  6. man, i should have waited for this launch. i just bought the 2010 landcruiser 4 months back! this machine looks awesome…waiting a full fledged review soon!

  7. Why ppl like this when they hate the Ugly LC this is more uglier than LC!!! or is it just the Patrol thing…

  8. Beautiful! I bet it’ll give Land Cruiser/Hogger a run for its money!

  9. Its still got the patrol it..just compare the bland front end of the Lc to this..This has so many edges, the Lc is just bulbous..

  10. ^ Fine but what have they done to the rear? Tail lights included which make it look like a Fortuner! ๐Ÿ˜›

  11. dont compare a closed pick up with a full lux SUV..
    its like the rear of the maxima when they compared it with the yaris…
    go and look at both of them and then talk…

    and its known world wide nissan and infiniti dont need to duplicate other’s designs..they are leaders in this field..and they are making new stuff that put them in risk…look at the juke…

    it has no relation at all with the LC or any toyota…
    even the size.

  12. ^ Im not comparing the Patrol to the fortuner. I am a Patrol fan too. The’ve kept the front dynamic stance as is, which is good. But that rear could have been much much better.

  13. yuckk !!
    are these people running out of creativity ???
    cmon the back is ugly and and the front doesnt fit well with the rest of the design .
    Interior is cool though .. but still sum ugly plastic switches .

    SO THIS IS WHAT ‘WELCOME THE HERO’ advert was all about

  14. At wat aspect can the LC be above Patrol? Nothing….nissan is giving maximum value for each penny we pay..With this model,im sure nissan is going to make a huge climb especially in the middle east…toyota should be ashamed of wat they marked on its price tag for their landcruiser///

  15. Interiors are really cool…exterior could have been better…but it’s still great!!!

    How about driving performance…there are news about special road track made especially for launch event in abu dhabi to test the ability of the new patrol. any idea guys???

  16. Author

    ^ Hehe, rumours. Tomorrow is a press day at the offroad track in Jebel Ali Shooting Club. Search for the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport story to see the track.

  17. mash…some people said there is a test track made in musaffah for the patrol…
    i dont know if its for the public???

  18. Finally a competitor to the Land Cruisor.

    Considering that this a totally new car, Nissan should have been more creative in their design. But I guess the Japansese manufactures these past years were not focusing on futuristic designs but rather remained conservative.

    Anyway it is refreshing to see a new patrol like this. I am sure it will sell well, the price for such a car is reasonable.

    Loved the interior more than the exterior.

  19. any way much better than before,but any model launched by nissan will have some problems either in the front or rear ,

  20. Interior’s plush and good, the ext reminds me of a bigger pathfinder while the rear doesnt suit an suv. The tail lights would ve looked good on a sedan. It’s evident that the designers have put a lot of ideas together as none of them seem to match. I haven’t driven this or read a road test but the LC looks much better, but if you want to stand out of the crowd ( For the wrong reasons ) then go ahead.


  22. LC owners u have got some tough competition over here.Is there a mouse controller near the gear,if it is its a dam luxury feature found only in high end suvs,

  23. Mash from what ive heard there was a track day in Abudhabi on the 13th i think and 15th for duabi..Nt too sure if its true, and i also heard from another off road site that the track at Jebel Ali has been changed a bit..nyways do let us know hw it goes..

  24. My home Refrigerator looks nicer than this patrol…

  25. spyke..thats what we were told..the testing track is specialy made for the patrol…

    anyways…mash is a f*ken luck person LOOL ๐Ÿ˜‰

    enjoy your day tmrw ๐Ÿ™‚
    and please…just push the car to its limit..i know they will tell u not to…but ignore them hehehe..

  26. Author

    I know that track. There won’t be any space to push. I am just planning to go there and ask why they refuse to give me the Maxima I asked for in October.

  27. Man!! I was waited for that!! I feel stupid.
    it was a mistake waiting for that ugly looking, no personality thing.
    I even won’t buy the old one just because it carry the same name as that.

    What were the designers thinking of… Oh wait, they were probably not thinking!

  28. @shaheen,, you havent driven this or not read a road test of this cos it was only launched yesterday!!!

  29. Well it looks better than the LC and for sure if its price will come down a bit till 160000-250000 then no one will buy a LC even though the fuel consumption will be high on this

  30. mash..from where you got the new pics???
    loooks nice..
    will take them for the guys in the forum..thanks man ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. You have to obey Patrol rouls!

  32. somehow looks more like an elongated 2009 Pajero…the interiors are gr8..nice to see a legend being brought back…

  33. The looks for sure are much better and appears to be in tune with the current car fashion.

    I am more thrilled with the Gizmos and the grown-up toys including lane departure and adaptive cruise control and all around camera.

    The power is awesome and jaw dropping at 400-hp. Now Toyota Land Cruiser may have to rethink its strategy whether to release the top-of-the line V8 petrol engine for the Land Crusier or not? The current V8 petrol engine rated at 270-hp is not the top of the line. Currently, the top of the line engine is available only on the Lexus version. Basically if you want the most powerful V8 petrol engine, you have to add a tens of thousands more because you can only have it on the Lexus brand. Suppose you do not require all the leather and wood that comes with Lexuis brand?

  34. It will cost more than 250K

    I dont think it will sell as expected due to banks not fininacing it.

  35. ^^^
    it will start from 170K

    so its a killer for not only the LC…but the full Prado and the lexus (when looking at the city optins trim)…

  36. it is nice i wona bay

  37. Oh God!!!
    What have they done to the Patrol??

    Interior is Good… but they spoiled the ext, esp the rear(IMO).
    front has some similarity with Nissan Armada

    Its lost its powerful presence that prev model has

  38. ** I meant Pathfinder and not Armada


  40. So I was at the event with Mashfique…not a bad car indeed. Loved the interior though the exterior could have been better. The Off road capabilities seemed good for a car of this size though I was expecting more from it…

  41. The future inspiration for SUV is now a BOX.. give it any design and PPL will LOVE it LMAO….

  42. Just look at the Koreans they know how to design car and Suv the Tucson, sonata, genisus even KIA is improving what are these japs doing here there prices shld be swapped with the Koreans they at least know how to make a good copy.. if u cant design something new better learn it from Koreans..

  43. @Spyke.. True.. All my opinions are about the looks.. but hey i might change my opinion once i get to drive this monster..

  44. WOW….. Toyota land Cruiser 2010 (hands down)
    Nissan Patrol 2010 (hands up)

  45. Does anyone got any information regarding the specifications?

  46. For the serious offroaders, If I can’t fit 35 inch tires, suspension lift, body lift, tire/jerrycan carrier… then its no good to me. It has turned into another low rider for the bling bling crowd. I guess that’s where the money is.

  47. I guess the aim of the design was to make it look somewhat like the older the old Patrol was pretty popular..

  48. Nice gorgeous look it is awesome when the performance will be released and if its touching 250 kph and 0 to 100 in 5 and above seconds i will buy it. after fighting a losing battle with lc from years i think this time nissan will win and they will also take advantage of toyota weakness which they recalled alot of vehicales and people not trusting them anymore.

  49. One of the best thing about the Patrol was its solid rear suspension and its soft and long suspension travel.
    Although this hampered its ride on road but off road, over the dunes it is so easy to drive without any of the latest technology off road assists.
    Nissan limited the previously capable Pathfinder with independent suspension. The Armada struggles compared to similar cars in its class

    The Xterra and the Patrol were the few cars that offroad enthusiasts would think in Nissan.

    The new Patrol claims to have longer suspension strokes / travel with the new Hydraulic Body Motion Control and the new suspension. Another problem is that independent suspension limits any modifications like lifts suspension upgrades etc that can be done on the car. This was one of the unique selling points of the Nissan Patrol as it could be easily modified with bigger tyres, lift kit, a whole range of suspension upgrades etc (even easier to take on two wheels)

    Come on Nissan (Mr Ghosn)! Look at the other off road based manufacturers like the Toyota, Jeep, Chevrolet.
    They have all stuck on to the solid axle and are making their car around this.

    Has Nissan gone wrong with another good product? Only the sales figures will tell. Putting a bigger engine, leather and some fancy names is not really going to help off road. You are competing with the likes of the Land cruiser (GX,VX, LX570), the Prado, Chevy Tahoes/GMC Denali to name a few.

    P.S All Nissan had to do is include one Indian emarati among the 40 Japanese engineers that tested this car in the Arabian deserts. They would have got better results !! ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. mr. jasser ali…

    i dont know if you got the point that new nissan patrol is much better than the old model…its the best in the segment..and nissan knew and understand what u r saying before u wrote it here…
    mr. mohamad bin sulayim knows more than u and me about offroading..and know about the capabilities of the car..and he was one of those who tested it…and he wanted to be sure its much better than the old model…
    live axles is a very old technology..and its time to do some changes to independent suspension in a way to make it better than live axles in offroading..and this is what nissan did…nissan didnt build a car to compite with what u mentioned above…they built it to beat all of them…
    its a gtr story repeated but with the patrol…

    and dont forget if nissan stucked with the live axles you might like it…but many people will hate it because its ride is soo bad…

  51. Ok, i own a pathfinder, the only problem is its articulation but on the dunes doesnt really make a difference.Just point and shoot,The only place it’ll show is on rocks and for that,ny off road enthusiast wil tell you that you could disconnect the stabilizer bars with the use of a wrench and then put it back on once your done, apart from that you also got lift kits just like any other brand out there. On an IFS/IRS setup on any other kind, most of the time, articulation is limited due to the sway/stabilizer bars. Toyota uses the KDSS which hydraulically disconnets the bars, Nissan with the new patrol dont use any bars at all instead they use their new technology which is the body motion control, basically works the same way but without the use of stabilizer bars.

    But we’ll still have to wait and see the options this veicle will have, most of the information is still not out apart from engine choices and interior improvements, so lets not judge how it’ll perform it till we get a taste of it shall we. Btw,,the pajero doesnt use live rear axles either and i think most of the new jeep cherokees dont either along with the new Landrovers (excluding the defender series)..

  52. Hey you give money to someone to talk about their car why should they say anything less.
    By the way I am sure u must know Carlos Sainz. He is more successful than bin Sulayem. He test drove the Kia Mohave and gave it a thumbs up !

    Hey why you taking it so personal by the way ? It is just a car. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. I was talking more on the marketability of the new Patrol. In other words would the 2010 model be popular like its predecessor or not !

    Apart from the suspension I like the 2010 Patrol.
    -Excellent interior. Better than any Toyota or Lexus in it class. If they are going into the luxury segment, I would have made this an infinity and bring another Patrol which would be cheaper and with less options.

    -The outside of the car is not very bad either. Do not know much on the fuel consumption and the interior volumes.

  53. Looks like an absolute piece of crap. Patrol????? more like “Lets try to outdo Toyota on how stupid we can make a vehicle look”. Toyota went to crap with the new 200 series LandCruiser and now Nissan have followed with this piece of junk.

  54. @ Aussie DJ 11
    Your opinion, which is the best LOOKER amongst the offroaders? … and I am not saying just Toyota and Nissan.

  55. whatever may be the options and facilities
    the interior may be better than before
    but the price is almost double

    i mean to say that
    2009 patrol- about 180000 dhs(full option}
    2010 patrol- about 180000 dhs (base model)

    too pricey

    land cruiser is a better choice

  56. ^ so for you, land cruiser is the better choice because top of the range model costs: …….dhs??!

  57. Monsterous engine, fantastic options. Regardless of the ugly rear, I want to buy one.

    The only problem with the car is the price. I called the dealer in Abu Dhabi to reserve one for myself, and got stunned with the price.

    Starts at 200k UAE Dirhams for the standard 4.0 V6 (petrol) to 293k Dirhams for the full options 5.6 V8, with a VIP spec that costs 307K Dirhams. in US Dollars that around 55k – 80K US$ and 84k for the VIP version.

    If I get one it would only be out of pure Patrol passion.

  58. People who say the car looks like a LC, this was always the usual first comments before everyone would love the patrol. The only negative thing about the exterior is that they changed the trademark vertical rear lights. In addition, the rear keeps you wondering how it’s gonna look like with a spare tyre mounted to the rear door.

  59. Author

    Wait, what? There is a V6 model?

  60. That’s what the lady from Al Masoud Nissan dealer in Abu Dhabi told me. In addition, she said it would arrive in April. I’m not sure though if she ment that I’d get mine in April or the official release is in April.

  61. Author

    That is an interesting update. It also seems they’ve jacked up the price from what was announced.

  62. 2010 nissan patrol, i tought it looks like more amzaing than the old model. Hence, whem i go deeper for the spec “wow” asolutely awesome. Interior is 100% satisfaction, exterior slightly fair enough. Price wise, quality wise…i will just go with “toyota”.

  63. ???? ????? ?? ?????? ????? ????? 2010 v8 5.6 400hp

  64. 2010 nissan patrol, i tought it looks like more amzaing than the old model. Hence, whem i go deeper for the spec โ€œwowโ€ asolutely awesome. Interior is 100% satisfaction, exterior slightly fair enough. Price wise, quality wiseโ€ฆi The only problem with the car is the price. I called the dealer in Abu Dhabi to reserve one for myself, and got stunned with the price.

    Starts at 200k UAE Dirhams for the standard(petrol) to 293k Dirhams for the full options 5.6 V8 400hp, with a VIP spec that costs 307K Dirhams. in US Dollars that around 55k โ€“ 80K US$ and 84k for the VIP version.

    If I get one it would only be out of pure Patrol passion vip car

  65. My dream 4wheel drive dats non oder dan Nissan P?T?o?

  66. Folks, this new patrol sucks!!! Have you ever seen the approach and departure angles? and the ground clearence?
    Off road is off. Definitely. A car for playboys and womem that does not understand anything about cars.

  67. The Patrol comes in two types of V8 engines.

    Ones is the new 5.6 ltr V8 with 400 HP and 560 Nm torque with a 7 speed auto. The least option in this engine costs Dhs 215,000 and the top of the range costs
    Dhs 280,000
    The second engine option is the 317 hp 5.6-litre V8 with 521 Nm of torque with a 5 speed autobox. The least option of this one costs Dhs 181,000 and the top option costs 217,000.
    Both options come with smart keys, cruise control, fog lamps, rear diff locks, Hill start assist, Hill descent and the usual ABS , traction etc to name a few. Leather I think is only avail on the 400 Hp option.
    For the price it has real value for money. For 181k in a Toyota one can only get a mid-top option V6 Prado or a mid – top option V6 land cruiser. The Patrol has 2 more cylinders , around 45 extra horses and more torque.
    The Toyota VXR V8 starts at Dhs214,000 and ends at dhs 264000.
    Things like Diff lock , hill descent etc are all standard on the Patrol whereas one has to go into the top Prado or a top of the line Lnad cruisers for a diff lock.
    I suspect Toyota (Al Futtaim) will be revising the Prado/ Land cruiser prices as the patrol is real value for money.
    But is the Patrol a better offroader than a live axle prado /Land Cruiser is the question ??

  68. The suspension used on the new patrol comes from the same people behind the KDSS system !

  69. its amazing………………………. sooooooo nice

  70. The 2010 Patrol is a new animal and it will be tested, but I don’t know how long will the novelty last in absence of quality. We took it off road, frankly, it is not the 400 horses kicking in, it is the balance between body:power:weight ratio. I felt the VXR performs way better on/off road and needless to add, feels safer.

    I’d rather buy the Land Cruiser Extreme for 305K if I have spare cash, but I am happy settling with the VXR – Guess what? The shape will not change till 2015!

  71. ^^ another toyota fan boy..

  72. I don’t know why they spoiled this beautiful beast.i know this mosnter since those days when i was in diaper,and move around with my father in his army Nissan JONGA(old name used in Indian army)I love this mosnter,and it was my dream that one day i will buy this mosnter..but now,not a newww.i dont know why they made it so soft and ugly glossy type look,the prevous one what a look they made,its was sharp edged,rectangluar rugged look,huge groud clearance.

  73. I paid a down payment for entry-level LE, called LE T1 which is the 400 HP engine. I initially reserved the top SE (SE T3) which is 320 HP but has navigation, sun roof and electric opening back door. They are the same price almost but I decided to go with the higher HP and sacrifice options that I do not normally use anyway. Any thought or advice?

  74. I’m kind of with AussieDJ11, though his choice of words may have hurt some of you pansies.

    I understand how he feels with the way Nissan’s ‘spoiled’ the Patrol, and I don’t think many readers understood what he was talking about.

    Here in Oz, rather than new technology (i.e. trusting an electronic processing chip with functionality) 4WD enthusiasts prefer pure reliability.

    I mean, c’mon… if you were to drive across the Simpson Desert in WA – where there is NO life, or water, for thousands of kilometers, you’d want pure, unadulterated reliability.

    No electronic chips (they physically fail under extreme conditions) unless absolutely necessary (and even then, only after they’re tested in the outback).

    Nissan and Toyota ‘test’ their 4WDs here in Oz… and in South Africa…simply because the outback in Oz is frikkin’ tough!

    I reckon between a Landcruiser and a Patrol, I’d go Patrol anyday.

    But between this latest model and my trusty SWB ’92
    (stock!) Patrol GQ, I’ll stay with mine. It’s older, slower, and you have to get out of the car to lock the free-wheeling hubs in the front. But she’ll take me straight across any frikkin’ desert this planet can throw at her.

    If you’re into proper 4WDing in 4WD territory (no, not just sand dunes), then you would want absolute reliability.

    I know I do…

  75. with respect to your opinions we know toyota all times try to present new design before nissan because they know that nissan is the best in the middle east and the all new patrol 2010 will strike all (landcr,lexus and infinty )and the try is the greatest proof

  76. New Patrol looks awsome, however does it come in a diesel model? If so can anyone tell me what ,where and when for the new Patrol Diesel, Toyota 200 has a diesel V8, Nissan come on???

  77. Yes the new one will get a diesel but you’ll probably have to wait a pretty sure the new 3.0V6 diesel is gonna be put in this..its got about 250Hp and 500 odd Nm of torque..

  78. I want know what is the pice of nissan petrol 2010 and few good photos

  79. The all-new 2010 Nissan Patrol is the best off all suv. i love it… all i want for a car is in the 2010 patrol…..

  80. this is a luxury truck

  81. Please convert the price to US dollar so that we can appreciate the value easily.

  82. it looks like a mongoloid SUV consuming a lot of gas and overpriced non functional specs.

  83. I am one of the Nissan’s fan and own a 95 3 door safari grandroad, highly disappointed with this new shape and 100% agree remarks by undrkvabrtha . I hate to say that I have to see this shape for some years to come and hope to see something similar to what Nissan had designed from 1990 to 1998 just like Ford Mustag did recently. These new models by Toyota and Nissan look more like family vans than offroad vehicles. I take my safari to Baluchistan, terrain that Alexander found the most difficult, and here technology doesnt really helps or matter, only reliability. Have taken my vehicle many times and it outperforms all.
    hope to see a real patrol soon.

  84. This is the best suv Nissan has come up with. I am a Liberian and Nissan has proven to be the best off road suv ever in Liberia. You all just stop playing games. Nissan is still the best. Go Nissan,you haemade it to the top.

    Edwin Snowe

  85. The last line is, Go Nissan you have made it to the top. Keep on the good wor Africa Motor.

    Edwin Snowe

  86. i love nissan patrol 2010.

  87. I had test driven the 317BHP patrol and the LC V6 -240bhp and i need to choose between these two(with full options), Interior with all gimos and electroic features is amazing in Patrol, but will this really work in the long run looking at the recall from Nissan this year, also i found the RPM just goes hign in between without any acceleration ( on road ) mode, does any body aware is there a known problem with the new Patrol, i still would prefer to go with LC V6 compromising some raw power and featues. Can some body comment.

  88. With this price range, I eater buy a base model of Porsche cayenne. Much better than any patrols or cruisers out there.

  89. This is an elegant car and one can not afford to refuse this mobile mansion.

  90. Nissan patrol 2010 full option is 280,000AED/-

  91. Can`t find any body buy this Monster if i`m right to me !

  92. Actually, I am interested with this sort of 4WD vehicles and wish to own a similar one on the nearest future as well. I used to drive this kind of 4×4 and itโ€™s being fantastic to own one of this categories.

    with my best regards,

    00971 50 4126368

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