Toyota Corolla 2011 facelift in Oman and UAE

Toyota Corolla 2011 facelift in Oman and UAE

The hottest news of the week in the UAE is that Toyota is having a fire-sale of 2010 models for 4 days, starting today. While this may seem overly generous to some, the truth is the showrooms are making way for the arrival of 2011 models. And the first of those will be the facelifted 2011 Toyota Corolla, which is already available in Oman. Interestingly, it is quietly available in the UAE too.

According to a copy-paste press release on the Oman Observer, the 2011 Toyota Corolla is now available at Omani dealers. Unexpectedly, we saw the new model on our trip to a Toyota showroom in Dubai tonight for that disappointing fire-sale.

It looks like the new model features new front and rear bumpers and slightly changed tail lights.

Other obvious changes include chrome trim on the grille, new alloy wheels, reshaped headlights and maybe some new interior trim, although it looks pretty much unchanged. Basic models still get 15-inch steel wheels with hubcaps, while higher models get 16-inch alloys, fog lamps and a rear spoiler.

While engine choices remain the same, with a 107 hp 1.6-litre and a 130 hp 1.8-litre, the big news on the mechanical side is the available 6-speed manual replacing the old 5-speed one, though this will likely not have any effect in the automatic-happy Emirates.

The new 2011 model is already in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah showrooms, alongside 2010 models.

Keen enthusiasts know that while the new-for-2008 Corolla models were built in Japan, but from some point in 2009, GCC dealers started importing Corolla 1.8 models made in Taiwan instead, possibly built by an outsourced carmaker that have since launched their own brand, Luxgen.

All salesmen were too busy due to the fire-sale, but the displayed price for the golden 2011 Corolla XLi 1.8 model with alloys, rear spoiler and cloth seats is Dhs 74,000. We estimate a base price of Dhs 60,000.

Keep track of updates in the Toyota Corolla buyer guide.

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  1. what ever they do, change the bumpers or tail ligts,

    a corolla wil be a corolla only

    a Stupid Corolla

    mostly liked by paisa saving guys

    one of my employee said ” Corolla tho ghade ki tarha gaadi hai, aree iss accha tho bail gaadi hai”

  2. Mash,

    concerning the tiawanise made corolla only the 1.8l comes from tiawan, the 1.6l still come from japan. when i bought one i made sure it was japan made one… simple just look at the driver side door the country of orgin is mentioned

  3. Author

    ^There were no 1.6L models displayed so I couldn’t catch.

  4. u will be suprised even the sales people dont know that

  5. @feroz, yar i don’t think most people will understand what your employee said..if they’re not from the subcontinent, that is..

  6. @feroz well said Corolla is a Stupid car on the road !!!

  7. guys respect corolla and yaris , tidda and accent etc etc…

    considering the pace of fuel prices…
    one might have to shift to them!

    they are the future cars 🙂

  8. i think its nice looking car… very decent and practical…. but the price is high.. i mean the base camry i think is arround 72,000 DH..

  9. @kaiz83: well said bro’!! will need to commute daily to AUH starting october and thinking to shift to a TIIDA because of the petrol prices.

  10. The base camry is 86,000 Dh now.

  11. The new corolla’s rear looks like Lexus IS-issh. IMO

  12. ^ no, i don’t see it..

  13. @Kvp Are u ok ? I think you are eyes are not fine .. From where corolla looks like lexus?? rear??? Please look at it again

  14. @ feroz :corolla a stupid car???? u find a car giving high mileage… having low maintenance amnt… which gives repective power a “stupid” car !!!!!???? then its high time that u n ya emplyee realise that its a “super car”!!!!! n … its not alwayz the paisa saving guys hu buy corola…. its the “sensible guys” hu own cars like corola !!!!

    • oh really?? then the sensible people’s car was much more expensive to maintain and gave more problems than my underrated Mondeo (which actually competes with the Camry)..we have a 2006 Corolla in the family and a hell lot of my friends own 2005-2007 Corollas; so i know what I am talking.

    • and the ever reliable brand has already recalled over 13 million cars in just 2 years; some of them being these Corollas..

    • dude, take a chill pill and look around. I am not saying Corolla is a bad car..but there are better cars around – if you leave that decades old mentality of Toyota being the best, then you shall find so many other options which outshines the Corolla in every aspect including reliability! Until now, resale was a reason to buy a Corolla – but these days i see a Civic having better resale value. No offence!

    • civic will take 100 years more to compete with corolla dont compare corolla with civic .corolla is better then civic

  15. well, the changes r welcome for interiors or exteriors.
    but the price ?
    hike in service charges?
    unbeliable charges billed by the authorised service provider in UAE is horrible and killing?
    which is never expected in UAE.!!

  16. CArs are made everywhere now. even in japan they import parts made from other country who shares also with other japanese brands. The user can better get used to it in this globalization we expect nothing but change… The camry who performs well is an ausi made while it maintains its posture and reliability, it proves to be the best on its segment.

  17. how much is the corolla 2011 in oman

  18. In Advertisements, you will see 5100 OMR but when you go to buy one the price is about 8700 OMR (without any service etc)

  19. Corolla did not change or improve much for the past decade.. Just facelift after facelift.. Its an outdated car, it just looks modern and fresh but the suspension setup and driving dynamics are outdated on this car.. Plus the hell price tag along with no service contract doesnt make it much of a good deal on a long run..

    People I know many of you are loyal to toyota but comon lets be realistic, were giving this brand more than it used to deserve..

  20. In my view Hyundai has surpassed Toyota and Honda in every aspect but resale and brand image !! Which is actually bcoz of some ignorant buyers who value word of mouth and stereotypes rather than their own brains. Dont get e wrong, Toyotas and Honda’s are brilliant cars, but they are not worth the overpriced tags. just my opinion !!

  21. Hi all, I want to know whether Toyota Corolla Gli or LE 2011 has the cruise control? If not then does any corolla 2011 model have the cruise? Best regards

  22. i am looking 4 2011 mod
    toyota corolla if it is

  23. I like this model of corrola bt its not yet arrived in Tanzania

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