BMW 316iA joins 2011 3-Series range in the UAE

BMW 316iA joins 2011 3-Series range in the UAE

BMW used the 2010 Sharjah Auto Show to launch the 2011 BMW 316iA in the UAE. The 316iA is a new base model for the wide-ranging 3-Series line-up, to offer “poorer” buyers a chance to buy a proper BMW sedan at an affordable price instead of being forced to squeeze into a 1-Series hatchback.

Externally, the 316iA will look largely like its more expensive 3-Series 4-door brethren, but will be powered by a 1.6-litre 4-cylinder engine, good for only 115 hp and 150 Nm of torque, and mated to a 6-speed automatic on a superb rear-wheel-drive platform.

The 316iA seemingly does not qualify for the UAE dealer’s latest service promotion, the BMW Service Inclusive Ultimate Package, which comes free with the purchase of all models from the BMW 5-Series upwards and covers all major servicing for the first 5 years or 100,000 km, including wear and tear parts that are beyond the standard warranty, costs for labour, original BMW replacement parts and top-up oil.

We estimate the 316iA starts at about Dhs 100,000 in Dubai, and should become available across the GCC as well.

Keep track of price updates in the BMW 3-Series buyer guide.

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  1. How dare you say that people who are poorer and don’t get a chance to buy a decent BMW will be interested in the 316? You’re one of the most unprofessional and disgusting reporters I’ve ever come across.

  2. Author


  3. ^^ you must be one of those poor people who can afford 100,000dhs

  4. Its a superb deal – comfort, brand name, fuel efficiency, pride value, etc all available at a fantastic value for money price !! Strongly recommend people to look into it. Its costing AED 1.15K after discount. The best part is the free service warranty of upto 100Kms or 5 years is also extended to this Car !! Go ahead guys !! I am planning to buy one too…

    • Sounds like an excellent deal!
      The engine not that powerful but gives out a decent output.. I’d have this premium car over the honda accord which is priced almost the same and doesnt even come with such a package.. Seriously, this is a bargain!

  5. i would personally think nissan maxima is better deal for 115k a proper 3.5 v6 sedan with lesser running cost..
    But on the other hand this is truly a good bargain for BMW fanatics!

  6. Why waste your money on it from the first place?If you are going to buy this car for this price, and top it up with options and body kit, and bigger rims, you will be close in price to a standard 325i !

    I mean if you are buying a car and your budget is 100,000, consider something better optioned, still at this ragne of price, even when body kit and large alloys added. For example, the Lexus IS. Its faster and more powerful. Imagine yourself driving a SLOW BMW. Damn, how disappointed are you gonna feel! You will get bored and exchange it with a 335i or maybe 335iS in two years when you get the money!!!

    Yes the IS does not handle like the BMW, and does not have the presence of it, but in my opnion, if you are gonna buy a BMW, buy a decent one, and don’t waste you money on such 316iA.

    You have cheaper competitors, and they are less expensive when fully loaded.

  7. Author

    Haha! Good debate going on here, 3 months after the story was posted, thanks to our friend who posted the first comment. My non-enthusiast friend has a basic 320i and he says it’s like driving an economy car. And the Lexus IS does handle like a BMW on the street, so it is a good alternative.

    • Yes, exaclty, driving the current 3 Series is does not feel expensive, but the handling is not like an economy car!

      I tried one from the dealer when I left my car there in the showroom for half a day for oild and brakes change. It was the 335i. It was super fast, and the handling was awesome. But it did not feel very expensive, maybe due to the rubbish current interior!!!

      But to be honest, the ride is awesome indeed…

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