Long-term update: 2011 Infiniti QX56 first look

Long-term update: 2011 Infiniti QX56 first look

First things first, the 2011 Infiniti QX56 makes a big first impression. It is so big, in fact, that it makes us feel a bit embarrassed to be standing next to it, us appearing to be relative midgets. Of course, that bigness is generally regarded to be part of its appeal.

Looking at the specs, the new Japanese-built model is 4 centimetres longer than the previous American-built one, and nearly one-third of a metre longer than the Lexus LX 570! Oddly enough, the 2011 edition has a 5-centimetre shorter wheelbase than the old model, although still a whopping 23 centimetres longer than that of the Lexus. Ironically, the 2011 QX56 is lighter than either of them!

We’ve been hearing a lot about how ugly the QX looks. We honestly don’t know where the criticism is coming from, but it is obvious that most people have not seen this SUV in the flesh, given its relative rarity compared to the latest Nissan Patrol. Quite frankly, the Patrol is ridiculously bland up front, while the QX tries to be ridiculously unique. We’ll take ‘unique’ over ‘bland’ any day. Nobody gives the Patrol a second look any more, but this thing attracts attention everywhere it goes, even from Patrol owners.

We’ve been getting used to piloting a vehicle this big in a city this small. This is only the third largest vehicle we’ve ever tested, after the Chevrolet Avalanche and the Dodge Ram Laramie, but it is easily the largest SUV ever. Usually, when testing these big rigs for a couple of days, we stick to the highways and avoid areas where we know will have parking issues. However, we are using the QX56 as the new daily driver of our long-term fleet, which means we’ve already slogged it out in the cramped quarters of “old” Dubai, and we’re slowly getting used to its size. It helps a lot that the QX is also the most high-tech big rig we’ve ever driven, complete with four cameras and a bunch of sensors to aid in driving it.

We have a whole lot to cover with this Infiniti, as we go over the interior features and the tech gadgets soon. A full road test is on the cards too. Maybe even one of our “legendary” Economy Tests is also in order, because in the way we are driving it now, we’re having to fill it up with petrol every few days!

Original Mileage When Borrowed: 10,415 km
Latest Mileage To Date: 10,800 km
Latest Average Fuel Economy: 19.2 litres/100 km
Cost of Latest Problems: Dhs 0
Cost of Latest Maintenance: Dhs 0

Total Non-Fuel Running Cost Since Borrowed: Dhs 0

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  1. post pictures of the interior

  2. I said it last time; this car is not photogenic, I saw the car in real, it looks better than pictures.

  3. Look how big this car compared to the Jeep standing next to it. Its huge. In a good way tho’ …

  4. You drove it for just 385kms…. O_O

  5. How is steering at low speeds like when you are parking? Because the Armada feels quiet heavy at those situation.
    And also your BMW Mashallah looks nice. The paint looks new. Did you polish it? Where?

    • Author

      The QX has light steering. And the BMW was polished for the Sharjah Auto Show, although the paint is crap up close.

  6. nice pics…
    waiting for more

  7. I know what you mean but still I believe it is an ugly, exaggerated, overdone car, I’m a cars’ enthusiast but still believe these cars are not good, frankly, I believe that similar cars like (QX, Armada, Sequia, Silverado, Yukon and others) should be banned and if you want to buy one you must submit documents proving your need for such a car like having 3 + children or having a farm or something like that, they are not sporty neither practical, so I don’t know why do people here buy them to show off, you see a young (very young) person driving modified stupid Silverado HD 3500 with its stupid 4 tires in the back and taking a lane and a half and for what? I don’t know really, and with all this mighty size they can not even catch up with a tiida if the tiida driver floors it? So what is the point, is it the complex of Inferiority? These are the biggest pollution causers among other cars and you may ask, a car enthusiast and a green person? How come? I would answer and say because of such stupid cars the legislators in all countries are concerned over pollution and they are putting rules and carbon taxes that prevent many cars’ enthusiasts from having sporty or some decent cars.

    • I agree, Its just stupid how many people buy these 4X4’s with just a small family and most of them dont even do any offroading. Its disgusting the way people buy them for an easy drive as it makes the person behind, driving in a normal car that much frustrating. They eat petrol like its the most abumdant resource. And people like us who actually love cars have to suffer bcoz of these idiots.They generally cost much more than a similarly featured car, so you can always buy a more luxurious and comfy car in the same price. If you dont have a huge family and dont make offroad excursions, you prove by buying one of these things that you have no interest in cars !! You’re not OWNING the road you idiots, you’re blocking it !!

    • i agree that people who have big SUVs tend to misuse the benefit but look at the larger picture…lot of families have more than 5 members and all want to travel in comfort and not be cramped in smaller SUVs.
      those who can afford to buy, will buy large SUVs to be able to provide comfort and luxury to their family members and feel some power in their hands (when they drive).\
      yes, they consume a lot of fuel, but large vehicle = large consumption…atleast you doint have to buy 2 cars when you can travel in 1 so infact you may save some fuel in comparison to 2 cars..think about it

    • As i mentioned in my previous comment. You can understand people with large families and doing lot of offroading buying these big SUV’s. Butmost of the people you see on the road in them are not having big families. They just buy them bcoz they feel they are on top of the road and it gives them a FALSE feeling of superiority which they really need. I can also understand older people prefering them for somfort reasons. But frankly even that is not the majority of people you find in them. So all you can do is pity them !! Till they kill a few more ppl when they are involved in an accident(its called a compatibility problem for safety,,read about it !) and due lack of road vision , ruin the environment, increase oil prices and drag fantastic sports cars into the pit of extinction with them in a few years time. I pity ppl who buy them without actual need.

    • I agree.. Nobody wants douchebags buying 8 seater SUVs for no apparent reason thinking it will extend their weiners. They’re better off getting themselves a nice sports car if they enjoy plowing those suvs like they are lambos.. It will make them look less like douchebags..

    • Author

      A large SUV can at least carry people, and something like a QX is a spacious practical alternative to, I don’t know, an RR Phantom. The bigger waste of space are Dually heavy-duty trucks with bed covers driven by a guy who’s never seen hard labour.

  8. where is my comment????????

    • Author

      Comments too long get auto-tagged as spam, brother. As for size, I agree that Silverado Dualies driven by short guys is truly over-compensating.

  9. Very Nice looking SUV. Flawless!

  10. Aditya I agree with you but it seems people misunderstood us here, I mean if you have a “Big” family or farm it is ok to buy big SUV like this or a big truck, but for youth driving these as “Look at Me” car is not the right thing to be done, I remember in Top Gear when they tested the Honda working on Hydrogen, they asked Jay Leno about it and he is known to be a big “Petrolhead” he said he completely supports the idea because if it is to be generalized it will save the petrol cars from distinction and we will enjoy them for weekends maybe just like when the current cars came to save the horses that were abused in transportation while now are used for recreational and amusement purposes. And for fuel, the new Mustang 5.0 V8 with the new 6 speed it is rated at 26 mpg highway, this is almost the same consumption of the accord V6 for God sake. While this QX …. I don’t know, maybe 10 mpg ???? or even less in the city driving.

  11. now where is the like button,lovin the pictures !!!

  12. its huuuuuuuuuuge, it really is huge.. saw half a dozen of them in Abu Dhabi n they seemed to be some sort of aliens on the roads:p esp coz of the size n shape of it..!!

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