Range Rover and Range Rover Sport 2011 in UAE

Range Rover and Range Rover Sport 2011 in UAE

The 2011 Range Rover and 2011 Range Rover Sport are on sale in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries. A new Limited Edition joins the Range Rover Sport line-up for 2011, which is positioned above the HSE. Some extra upgrades have been added on this year. Engine specs remain the same.

Both the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport were facelifted and mechnically upgraded for 2010. The only obvious change for 2011 is the rotary gear-shift dial on the Range Rover replacing the traditional gear lever, although the Sport does not get that change.

Both the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport have also been equipped with the new Hill Start Assist and Gradient Acceleration Control systems. Hill Start Assist retains the initial driver-generated brake pressure, long enough for the foot to move from brake pedal to throttle without the car rolling backwards. The brake is released after a sufficient time has elapsed or when the engine is supplying enough torque to move the car up the hill.

Gradient Acceleration Control is designed to provide safety cover on severe gradients when the driver does not have Hill Descent Control engaged. By pressurising the brake system, Gradient Acceleration Control slows the car to a limit determined by the throttle position when the car is descending the slope in the driver’s intended direction of travel.

Range Rover offers an optional Exterior Design Pack, available in a choice of eight colours. The Exterior Design Pack comprises a revised front bumper with fog lamp surrounds, front grille and side vents in Titan finish, revised side sills, rear bumper and stainless steel exhaust finishers.

Both the 2011 Range Rover and the 2011 Range Rover Sport may also be offered in customisable Autobiography trim in some markets.

Keep track of Middle East updates in the Land Rover buyer guide.

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  1. Hill Start Assist is a great innovation. This should also be equipped with “women-driven” manual cars to help them take off on a hill without hitting the car behind them!

    I like my X5 better than this … No matter what you say … I am a BMW persona at the end …

    • The X5 is a brilliant car. But not as good an offroader as the Rover !! Looks and performance are pretty evenly matched and is a matter of choice. All in all the Rover is a better car !!

    • Yeah … No matter what you say, still you will see my tail-lights in a drag race … Ready?

  2. yeah and ill be cyin you in my rear view mirror in ten years in my pajero while both ur cars breakdown lol

    • LooL … Heheheh … I agree actually, but in ten years, i dunno what I will be driving tho’! Will let you know …

    • 18 yrs later all your cars will be in museums and your son will get driving license from Emirates Driving Institute, driving the same Nissan Sunny in which you got your license with same Pakistani instructor, that car will still run fine with daily abuse and ice cold ac in July summer.

  3. LOL! good 1 rana, same here, i ll be cyin them in my LEXUS LX!

  4. i would prefer porsche cayenne over x5 x6 or rangerover sport.

  5. just a timeless classic!!!

  6. In oman they called them katel sahboo means the owner killer.

  7. I love range rover sport.

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