Land Rover LR2 and LR4 2011 released in UAE & GCC

Land Rover LR2 and LR4 2011 released in UAE & GCC

Land Rover’s upgraded 2011 LR2 and 2011 LR4 models are now available in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries. Both now get improved fuel efficiency, along with upgraded exteriors and interiors. The engine specifications remain the same as the 2010 versions.

The 2011 Land Rover LR2’s 230 hp 3.2-litre straight-6 engine with 317 Nm of torque has been recalibrated to achieve significantly reduced tailpipe emissions without changing output. And exterior design changes include a new front bumper and grille, three new colours, and new alloy wheels. Inside, a new range of seat styles are complimented by the redesigned instruments. There’s a choice of manual, 6/4-way electric adjustment and 8/6-way electric adjustment for the Premium Pack seats.

For the 2011 Land Rover LR4, the 375 hp 5.0-litre V8 naturally-aspirated engine with 510 Nm remains, with a 6-speed automatic transmission. The engine has been optimised for low-end torque as well as economy. The higher torque at lower rpm also enables longer gearing for more economical cruising. At standstill, the idle speed of the LR-V8 is 700rpm. An Intelligent Power Management System includes Smart Regenerative Charging, so whenever possible the alternator charges the battery when it is most economical to do so, such as when the car is coasting rather than accelerating.

The LR4’s suspension system has been substantially revised in 2011 with changes to roll centres, anti roll bars, suspension knuckles, damper bushes and the addition of a variable ratio steering rack for greater stability during high speed cruising and increased sensitivity at acute steering angles.

For 2011, there are two additional functions, Hill Start Assist and Gradient Acceleration Control. Hill Start Assist retains the initial driver-generated brake pressure long enough for the foot to move from brake pedal to throttle without the car rolling backwards. Gradient Acceleration Control is designed to provide safety cover on severe gradients when the driver does not have Hill Descent Control engaged. By pressurising the brake system, Gradient Acceleration Control slows the car to a limit of 5 kph for up to 20 seconds, allowing the driver to regain proper control.

New aerodynamic features at the front end such as the lower chin spoiler and front wheel deflectors help to reduce drag by increasing underfloor airflow.

Various new colour choices and optional accessories are also available for 2011.

Keep track of prices and updates in the Land Rover buyer guide.

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  1. the lr4 is a nice one, but then again.. for aed 200k you get a fully loaded lc v6 that resells much better and offers even more space..

    tempting though as especially the interior looks classic!!

    • The LR4 looks like a midsizer but is actually a spacious fullsizer. I tested it, but haven’t put up the review yet since newer cars get priority in the “queue”.

  2. The LR4 was voted the least reliable car in the U.K. sometime ago

  3. The LR4 has been designed by someone who only had a ruler … But its nice … It looks much betetr than the aweful Mercedes G-Class, which is very expensive …

    There would be a reason for someone to buy the LR4, but why would he buy the Range Rover Sport if he has better BMW x5’s and Porsche Cayennes?

    I mean think about it, who would wanna buy a very expensive off-roader?!!!

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