Toyota Aurion 2011 with Touring body-kit in the UAE

Toyota Aurion 2011 with Touring body-kit in the UAE

We saw images of the facelifted 2010 Toyota Aurion when it debuted in Australia more than a year ago. Then we heard rumblings from readers that a body-kitted model was now available in the Dubai showroom, under the guise of a “Touring” trim. Toyota’s UAE dealer hasn’t advertised the “new” Aurion at all, so we’d never seen this mysterious kit although we did assume it could be the same as the Australian-spec one. But today, we were at the showroom and caught the damn thing.

This may be old news to those who browse Toyota showrooms for no apparent reason, but for normal folks who’re interested in seeing this kit but couldn’t be bothered to deal with nonchalant sales staff, here are the first photos of the 2011 Toyota Aurion Touring.

Some saleswoman told me the price is Dhs 129,000 without even bothering to look where I was pointing at, so that’s probably how much it costs.

Keep track of UAE prices and GCC specs in the Toyota Aurion buyer guide.

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  1. This body kit doesn’t look good in this silver color. It would be better in Pearl White and red which Toyota calls Simpson Red. And in black if the kit had some chrome works but sadly it doesn’t.

  2. i have been noticing cpl of them in abu dhabi…didnt know its OEM….anyways it looks cool…

  3. we have had 3 grades for the Aurion in Bahrain since it was first released in 2007 as:-

    1- Aurion basic (low)
    2- Aurion Touring (medium)
    3- Aurion Grande (Full)

  4. The “Touring”,which is base model here in UAE without sun/moon roof,costs 104,000 AED….looks cool though…!!

    • Not bad actually considering it is a V6..a strong v6 in fact..

    • Author

      I’ve just confirmed with my Al Futtaim PR contact that the body-kitted 2011 model is in fact called the Aurion Touring, even though their website still shows the old 2009 line-up where the “Touring” was the base model’s name.

    • So its 129k for this one!! and btw, i just noticed that it has a ‘Touring’ badge on its rear right..hmmm, overpriced! 🙁 …the Taurus kills this one downright in every aspect, except maybe for 0-100 acceleration and resale…

  5. i still dont find this car interesting :/
    maybe if it was a convertable…

  6. I’m 100 % sure and I told the showroom guys the other day with the same thing, if they are to change the interior even for a little bit to make it different from camry, I’m sure toyota will be moving thousands of this car out of their stores, but the problem is that all people looking for V6 sedans are opting for the other 4 alternatives, Maxima, Altima V6, Accord V6 and avalon, while in fact aurion is the best of them in terms of value, reliablity and other things, the only negative side is its interior which is copy paste from camry

  7. In Bahrain, the Touring costs 107,000 AED off the road the last time i visited the Toyota dealership in 2009/2010.

  8. The Accord v6 sedan 2011 with sat nav costs 138,000 AED off the road…….too much!!!!!!!

  9. Here in Saudi, Aurion GLX is the base with Aurion GLX Sporty priced at SR95,150 (with the Moon roof & Aero Package).

    The original from Australia is known as the Aurion Sportivo SX6 (without the sun-roof) while the Sportivo ZR6 & Touring SE add a few more options. The Australians get more safe choices (with the ANCAP 5-star rating) on all models. Here in the Middle East to keep prices down we get the stripped down versions.

  10. Aurion now com in four grades
    – aurion touring which is basic one plus front and rear spoiler at AED 104,000 and touring+ with leather interior at AED 109,000
    – grand at AED 118,000 (without navigation and rear camera) and grand with navigation and rear camera at AED 129,000

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