Hyundai i30 2012 photos released ahead of debut

Hyundai i30 2012 photos released ahead of debut

Hyundai has redesigned their i30 hatchback, bringing it in line with their “fluidic sculpture” design philosophy. The 2012 Hyundai i30 is all set to be revealed at the upcoming 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show.

The new Hyundai i30 actually looks a lot like an Elantra wagon. Apart from a few teasers and mention of high quality and craftsmanship alongside the signature hexagonal front grille, jewel-like design of the headlamps and daytime running lights, there is no information about anything else, including the powertrains.

The i30 is a model from Hyundai which many of the folks around here would not have even heard of, even though it already exists here. The new Hyundai i30 may arrive in UAE, Saudi Arabia and rest of the GCC later this year with obviously lesser options, lesser airbags and probably sans the GDI engine.

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  1. LOL I forgot it even existed. Took me a while to recall the current model. ๐Ÿ˜› This new one looks beautiful. Hyundai-Kia should seriously filter out the GCC countries with high quality fuel so that they can sell cars with their GDI engines.

  2. love hyundai nowadays like i used to love the japanese back in the 90s…

    so long Japan, welcome, Korea !

  3. Donโ€™t know why but these new Korean cars look so stupidly FAKE to me.

    • I agree 100% with assassin.

    • If it is a BMW or an AUDI you’ll probably like it! Dude, come to think of it, this is a less than 40K car, and they made it this good, Just at least give them a benefit of a doubt..

    • I didn’t get his cheap logic, a year back i went to Hyundai showroom with friend who got new driving license thinking HYundai would be cheap, the showroom guy mentioned 37,500 for barebones accent and top spec in end of 40’s, hearing this we went to Toyota showroom, he bought a yaris and he is happy with fuel optioned, non problematic car in same accents price range. So it really isn’t that cheap as you think, just go to Hyundai showroom and check the price, i can bet you wont get an I30 for less than 40k, even if you get, it will be a manual with power windows in front, one air bag. My wife is selling her car, just put ad, once sold, i will check all the cars and post the price of getz and accent right here below this post.

    • C’mon dude, can you even look at the yaris ??

    • yes, since last 9 years, first i saw echos, now yaris, come december you will see next generation yaris, its same if land crusier or patrol cost touches that of Range Rover or BMW, you will say why should i buy those, when i can put little more and buy premium brand.

    • Well for an entry level car it does the job… Plus it better designed than a toyota and features even a better build quality..

  4. vivek, i hear heavy rumours of it featuring the 1.6GDI which produces about 138hp on the Elantra. So likewise, the Middle East will have to be content for the 128 hp 1.6 ( exactly like the Elantra).

    I feel they should offer a 2.0L, whats your take? considering there is no 2.0L car on sale in Hyundai lineup ( except the old i30? ๐Ÿ˜› )

    • the thing is..the bigger the engine, the more the price..and the more the price, the lesser people shall consider it..which is why they choose to give us cars with underpowered engines and single airbags!

  5. a friend of mine bought the new optima within two months shut down on shk zayed, al majid took two days to figure out whats wrong and fix it under warranty. its a choice if u wants looks more than reliability. if u want both look elsewhere.

    • So what problem did they diagnose at the end?

    • i dont have the exact details but he said it was due to an electrical problem.

    • Lol, this is just the beginning.

    • I dont what people said before they crashed their toyotas due to stuck pedals and failing brakes??

      LOL!! this is just the beginning!!! OF THE END!!!

    • By the way guys, did you meet any one person in UAE or is their once incident recorded with Police where anyone mentioned of any toyota with stuck pedal in uae. Rubbish, its America trick to throw japanese out of their market and give new lease of life to their manufacturers, almost all the cars from cheapest to topmost in quality was recalled for tiny issues like the light of car is too bright, recalls due to car getting dirty in sand…lol

    • nope..nothing with stuck pedals or anything of that sort. I choose to lean towards the fact that it was a firecracker crackle which got ballooned into a bomb blast!

      However, I do personally know people with repeated transmission issues, air conditioner failures, ABS failures and fuel pump issues in their fairly new Toyotas. I personally had an accident in a relatively new rental Yaris, due to brake failure resulting from ABS malfunction. And the cops in Sharjah apparently knew of this issue as they told me about them dealing with similar incidents involving some newer Toyotas.

      That said, the aforementioned stuff are random. There are people who face nothing at all; but my point is, they ARE occurring unlike a few years ago when a Toyota breaking down was a breaking news!

  6. @Vinay

    Are the Yaris and Hyundai Accent in the same price range… ?

    Hyundai/Kia are giving the Japs a good spanking – both here and internationally… just look at the number of Tucsons on the road.. not to mention the new Sonata or Azera. There is a backlog of orders for most models.

    Bad examples and poor second, even third-hand information travels a lot faster than the real thing.

    I usually get my reliability info from Taxi drivers.. and judging by the number of Sonata Taxis on the road … must be reliable.

    • The new accent seems better, i repeat seems better. The previous one, it will be shame to put it in even Focus or Tiida range, the only thing closer to it was Yaris, thats in my example, i clearly mentioned a year back. I repeat Hyundai is not cheap, as mentioned i will be posting the price right here in the same article. Just waiting for sales of my old car, i will be visiting all showrooms to get specs/quote and test drive of mid size sedan, lets see which car changes my mind. We can wait till then.

  7. gand jevi gadi che koi leta nahi…………ane lidhi to tamari mehnat na paisa pani ma jase….ok…..

  8. i like this car,but until we see it arrived ,The Veloster finally arrived to UAE. ๐Ÿ™‚

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