BMW M Meets X event held in Dubai

BMW M Meets X event held in Dubai

BMW’s Dubai dealer held this year’s “M Meets X” event a couple of weeks ago. Seemingly open to BMW owners, this free event is used as a platform to promote new models with various driving activities at the Dubai Autodrome.

The cars on offer this time were the BMW X5 M, the BMW X6 M and the all-new BMW 6-Series for the chaperoned track session, as well as the BMW X5, the BMW X6 and the all-new BMW X3 for the basic off-roading session. Since this was a public event, we had to share the cars with many other eager people, so we didn’t even get any wheel-time with the all-new models. We even spent one scary session in the back seat of an X6 M as it was driven by a complete amateur who thought he was a race-car driver. This, after being initially told that back-seat passengers are not allowed for safety reasons, so we had to leave our photographer at the paddock the whole time. We ended up in the back seat because the 650i we were supposed to drive apparently ran out of fuel. Also, the all-new BMW M5 that was supposed to be there was already sold off, but we were told that beforehand. So most other journalists didn’t even show up, although we did because we expected to have some fun.

Still, this is a great event for past and present BMW owners. The track driving is slow, but ultimately safe, even while some of the participants try to break the rules. The off-road track could be completed by any crossover, but the BMWs at least seem to do it without showing any signs of a struggle. These activities are more than what most owners do with their own cars.

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  1. Good coverage Mash. Any possibility of getting some videos as well from you which cover such events or your tests?

    The drag race would be fun to watch on video.

    • Author

      This event, I don’t have any videos. I have some small clips of my old tests, which you might find on the site if you search really hard.

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