So we got a 2012 Volkswagen Passat Ecofuel

So we got a 2012 Volkswagen Passat Ecofuel

We knew it was a station wagon. We knew it had big “Emirates Gas” stickers on the sides. We knew it was going to get no respect on Dubai roads. But we specifically asked to drive this car — the 2012 Volkswagen Passat Ecofuel Variant. Because this is the only Euro-spec 2012 Passat in the country. But more specifically, it runs on CNG as well.

Anyone who’s from the Subcontinental countries has some experience with cars badly converted to run on compressed natural gas with a huge aftermarket tank in the boot. But we haven’t been “home” in 14 years, so this is a new thing for us.

More importantly, this Passat isn’t converted by anyone, but is a proper factory-built model that is already on sale in Europe. So there is no huge aftermarket tank in the boot.

What was more surprising is Abu Dhabi already has the infrastructure to support CNG cars, as we got a tankful of gas there at a regular petrol-station there, even if the attendants took a while to figure out their own pump. We are not aware of any facilities in Dubai however.

Of course, the Passat Ecofuel offers no clues to the fact that it can run on CNG as well as be backed up by petrol.

It may look like a working-class vehicle, but it has almost the exact same interior as that in our VW Passat CC long-termer. The only differences are the seats and some buttons, at least when looking from the driver’s seat.

The only real clue is that the gauge cluster has two fuel-level indicators instead of one.

The VW Passat Variant is also a proper premium car, and has a whole host of features only found in luxury-badged vehicles. While few allow it into their lane or give way at a junction, even Range Rovers and Land Cruisers move out of the way when they see those HIDs with LEDs barrelling down on them from behind on the highway, only to get passed by an “Emirates Gas” station-wagon when they move over!

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  1. haha! the last two lines! 😛

  2. and im sure those cars you overtaken are eagerly want to get back ahead of you again..hahaha

  3. a wagon review. thanks!! there’s mondeo wagons, 407 wagons, mazda 6 wagons… Price similar to the passat sedan?

  4. how’s the consumption // ecofuel? more….

  5. Nice find. Would like to see this variant to be available in India. Should do well.

  6. if gas cars came here these would suit well for high mileage cars like taxis and abu dhabi to dubai commuters

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