2013 Toyota Crown launched in Japan

2013 Toyota Crown launched in Japan

After the arrival of Lexus in the UAE and GCC in the early 90’s, the Toyota Crown was slowly phased out of the market. The Japanese automaker’s flagship sedan continues to be a strong player in their local market however, with the new 2013 Toyota Crown making its debut recently.

The standard model, the Crown Royal, gets 2.5-litre V6, good enough to produce 200 hp and 243 Nm of torque, which is mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission. The higher spec’ed Crown Athlete, gets a 3.5-litre V6 motor which produces 311 hp and 377 Nm of torque, and is available with an 8-speed automatic transmission. There is also a hybrid model available, which uses a 2.5-litre engine connected to an electric motor, altogether producing about 176 hp and 221 Nm of torque. The petrol-only engines have the options of real-wheel drive or four-wheel-drive, while the hybrid is only rear-wheel drive.

Interior is nothing short of luxurious with leather and wood panels plastered all over the place. There is no shortage of technology as well to improve entertainment needs as well as improve safety. Safety tech includes an Adaptive High Beam System, Panoramic View Monitor, Pre-collision System and Intelligent Clearance Sonar.

It is unlikely the Toyota Crown will be revived for the UAE, Saudi Arabia and other GCC markets.

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  1. My Dad had owned a 74 Super saloon deluxe,79 Super saloon and 82 model Royal saloon-which parted us after 20 long years. These cars were majestic and modernly featured. I grew up being driven and later driving these wonderful car. I will always have respect for the Toyota Crown.

    • My dad also owned super saloon 2.8 83 model long back. No doubt very powerful and smooth car i still remember i used to practise on it. Currently he still own a second back up car Toyota creesida 1993.

  2. sign…. why dont they send this here instead of the avalon junk…

    • simply because it will be priced more than Lexus itself, so it makes no sense to sell a toyota with price exceeding lexus, no one would buy it

    • Yeah..totally agree with you. Get rid of the Avalon. It starts from 149,000 anyway and it looks downright cheap.

      The Crown could easily take the top spot ( replacing the Aurion and Avalaon together.

      They could even stop the Lexus ES ( mostly Hotel vehicles anyway), to stop cross cannibalization and pitch the Crown as a more luxurious model.

      The pricing will again be the difficult part. It can’t cost more than AED150,000, but the pricing in Japan is around AED 200,000.

  3. but why?. Lexus is made Japan too? .. i dont think it will be more expensive but probably around the same price.

    i think it may be a case of product cannibalization which why the dont bring it here. Crown was incredibily popular and yes some one like me would buy this over a lexus. Same case with the cressida… as along as that was around no body would really go for a Camry.

    • Agree with you.. they should get rid of the American built Avalon and ship this here.

      The Hybrid version with the Mesh grill looks nothing less than Hot

      We have options of RWD or AWD? Perfect!

      AlFuttaim, take the risk and bring this down here. You wont be disappointed.

    • They should also get rid of the Camry.

  4. Used as the higher-end taxis in Tokyo

  5. any idea of the price range anybody ????

  6. Ofcourse, when the Crown come to the GCC, all the goodies and luxurious features will be taken out, just like any other Toyota.

    Take the Fortuner for example:

    In Thailand, and even India, the Fortuner is priced more than 200,000 AED. But over there, the base model is 50 times better than the full option Fortuner here. Base model includes leather, navigation, touchscreen, and tons of other goodies and features. In those countries, it is considered a luxury car. For the GCC, they economize the car.

    In the US, the Camry is a whole different car from the inside. No hard plastic, soft touch dashboard, soft cloth seating material, but here the Camry is nothing but a rock (no features), and on the full option model, it looks as if the radio has been removed, and screen stuck there.

  7. you guy must be joking to say Fortuner is priced over 200,000 AED?

  8. My dad had a brand new 1985 Toyota Crown Super Saloon back in Oman.. Blue Interior, Back fridge, Rear separate A.C., and I think air suspension were the standard options.. which were one of a kind options even back and now Toyotas…only crown had models exclusively named Super Saloon and Royal Saloon model names.. which were 2.8 and 3.0 respectively..

    What I feel since Lexus wanted to promote LS so they phased out crown from this market… just to recall in 90’s Crown Majesta came with V8 option (1uz-fe) shared from LS.

  9. I have a 1985 Toyota Crown Super Saloon, still running well, only need two spare back shockers codes numbers: 52206-30010, and
    Very good car!

  10. I have a crown atleth 2000 and its very very Nice Car

  11. Yes Toyota Crown is great, I want it

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