New Infiniti naming system coming to GCC first with 2014 QX70

New Infiniti naming system coming to GCC first with 2014 QX70

2014 Infiniti QX70 in Dubai
As we reported earlier, Infiniti is changing all their model names so that they start with Q for cars and QX for SUVs. Long-running nameplates such as the G37 will disappear to make way for the Q50; and freshly-minted nameplates such as the JX35 will disappear just as quickly as they appeared, becoming QX60 in the process. We are told the GCC will be the first region in the world to receive these renamed model. The first of these will be the FX models, which will henceforth be known as the QX70 as soon as the 2014 model is launched.

At the press conference in Dubai, a QX70 was displayed. The sport models will be called the QX70S, the “S” being in red. Potential hybrid versions in the future will also be called the QX70S, but the S will be in blue. And the engine will be denoted by fender badges, such “3.7” and “5.0”, referring to the displacement.


We’re also told a new flagship model, which could possibly be called the Q80, might be launched in the future. If it goes ahead, the larger new car will take its place above the Infiniti M, which will soon be known as the Q70. The G37 replacement, namely the Q50 sedan, should reach the UAE and other GCC by the end of the year or beginning of next year, with the coupe and convertible versions, called the Q60, coming a fair bit later after that.

Infiniti says they sell around 6,000 cars a year in the Middle East, and the soon-to-be-renamed JX is ironically their best-selling model now. The renaming was done so they’d have an easier time coming up with names for new models that weren’t already copyrighted. We know Audi and Infiniti had a feud over the letter “Q” in the recent past. Apparently research says consumers were fine with the new nomenclature.

Keep track of future models in the Infiniti buyer guide.

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  1. Glad to see your water marking your pictures more closer to the vehicle now.. makes it a tad bit tougher for the Almuraba dingalings to copy and paste your photos 😉

  2. The jx is their best selling car coz simply the rest of their entire line up needs to be changed, lexus changed almost all their cars and infiniti is offering the fx for 5 years now, they should have introduced an all new model with the new name

    • Come on, how can they launch a brand new model after just 5 yrs? Usually cars are facelifted after 3 or 4 years (the FX just received the facelift a year ago) and a new model after 6 or 8 years.

      I was hoping the new G (which is now the Q50) would be launched earlier. In the US it gets launched end of August. I think Al-Futtaim won’t mind since they can sell more IS until then.

    • “and a new model after 6 or 8 years” !!!! are you kidding me, why dont they just keep it for 15 years???? it seems you just got FX and dont want it to be changed, besides, facelifts usually come 3 years after launching, not 4 years

  3. All this branding and shambles of numers is a total non sense.

  4. JX being their best selling model???

    wooow, this – for me – is a huge surprise. i thought this thing is going to flop completely. it looks superbly ugly, unproportional and overpriced.

    but then again, numbers don’t lie..


  5. What have you been driving lately?
    Just bought the QX70S.
    lol! you bought a hybrid? 😛

    why not just name it QX70H??

  6. Mash did you mean to write: “FX is their best selling model”

    I have seen only 1 JX on the road since its launch here in KSA.

  7. What’s in a name? If a car performs well, it will sell well.

    I guess even Infiniti engineers have forgotten the old names.

  8. That’s why infinity ain’t doing business like bmw or mercs…. wrong naming system..

  9. Well I’m not surprised about this stupid naming after hearing that they will also sell Datson again .

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