2015 Ford Mustang prices in UAE released, bookings open

2015 Ford Mustang prices in UAE released, bookings open

The 2015 Ford Mustang is probably the most controversial version of the long-running muscle-car yet, as it transforms into a full-blown sports car in its latest iteration. The story is about to heat up even further, as bookings have opened for the car at UAE dealerships, with a Dhs 5,000 deposit.

According to a tip from reader Allan Mathew, the 2015 Mustang is set to land at the Dubai showroom in March 2015. And they’ve released a full set of preliminary prices, all higher than before.

The basic Mustang 300 hp 3.7-litre V6 “non-premium” coupe will set you back Dhs 128,000 in manual and Dhs 133,000 in automatic versions. The “non-premium” V6 automatic convertible will go for Dhs 153,000.

The mid-range 310 hp 2.3-litre turbo-4 EcoBoost models will come in “premium” trim, the manual coupe going for Dhs 173,000 and the automatic coupe for Dhs 183,000. The automatic convertible’s pricing will be announced later, maybe about Dhs 20,000 more.

The top-spec 435 hp 5.0-litre V8 GT models will also come in only “premium” trim, the manual coupe priced at Dhs 188,000 and the automatic coupe at Dhs 193,000. The automatic convertible’s pricing will be announced later.

However, local dealers have been known to give discounts as soon as you walk into the showroom, so there’s a chance that actual purchase prices will be a little lower. It’s unfortunate that the Mustang isn’t as affordable as before, but with the kind of completely-overhauled sports car it is now, the prices appear fair compared to the simply-facelifted Chevy Camaro, oddly enough.

For more UAE/GCC prices and specs, visit the Ford buyer guide.

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  1. That’s expensive! That base V6 coupe was 99K few years back with a base V8 for 120K. Why can’t they offer base grades with no frills in V6, Ecoboost and V8 trims for purists?

    I’m a livid Ford fan and really disappointed. Hope these numbers are not the final call

    • actually it seems to be the opposite. a mate who just booked the premium auto was told by a local senior ford rep(acc to his bus card) that the prices are actually even higher by 5-10k average than what is stated above

      let’s see what they turn out to be..

    • It seems they reconstructed the whole Mustang in and out. Now its not simply just a Muscle Car

  2. really very expensive, for me better to buy SUV with full options in above prices

  3. These prices are crazy, instead of paying this amount for an American car no matter how improved it is, i would wait for few months and see what Infiniti offers as G37 coupe replacement, or even add some extra bucks and get the new lexus RC

  4. Why! Why why why why the dealers in UAE are soooo greedy, they are killing the point of the car and the segment it is targeting!!!

  5. The perfect excuse to buy one. to buy the 370z that is.

  6. It’s perfectly fair actually. New Mustang is now full Euro quality car, and still cheaper than plastic Camaro. You think G37 or RC will cost less than 190k that too a V6?

    • no, Euro quality or not does not explain this or make it fair .
      The 2015 Mustang v8 is only 1700$ more than the 2014 v8 mustang in the USA market .
      people like you who are so gullible are the reason everyone else is dealing with greedy dealers.

    • the engine size doesnt matter, what matters is the performance, nissan 370 Z will eat up V8 mustang and handles much better

  7. what the hell is this ?! are you serious ? and you say the prices are fair ?!
    i really hate this practice, first year cars are over-priced to hell.
    the mustang suppose to be affordable enjoyable sport car , not anymore !!!
    this is really disappointing .
    speak against this you are a journalist , don’t just say oh this is a fair thing to do .

    • while you are crying sitting in your Corolla, they will still sell lots of these because there are people willing to pay this much. It is exactly in line with prices for the Camaro which is worse.

  8. Mustangs & V8 muscle cars have lost their soul ! … they were cheap & fast ! :\

  9. I think it is a good car after all, but I don’t think if Camaro did a mistake Ford should do the same!

    we all know that American cars are not the best in terms of quality or stability , yes it is a muscle cars but for drag race only, and that is why we expect to pay less comparing to European or Japanizes cars,I think the big gap between the previous model and this one is not justifiable

  10. This is an honest question for the experts can someone explain to me why a fully loaded ecoboost cost 34000$ in the USA while it cost 49800$ in the UAE .
    so why exactly are we paying 15800 more ? regulations ? taxes ? transport ?
    can someone with an insight into these things provide me with an answer please ?

    • The stealership would be the reason…

    • Actually the specs are different, so the production line is different. For car dealers, usually you have the US production Line, and then the rest of the worlds production line to some extent. That is not a justification, just stating one point.

      Secondly, most -if not all- american vehicles are actually manufactured in the US. So you’re buying a good that’s neither exported nor imported (considering interstate logistics is another thing), so imagine how much of the cost that shaves off.

      Thirdly and most importantly, this is a simple supply and demand issue; macroeconomics. The supply at this price meets the demand needed for the dealerships sales target, so the question you should ask is “Why Not” rather than “Why”.

    • Elrmithi, why you’re not importing from US by yourself? Full service shipping is about $1700, pay 5% tax in UAE and it’s yours!

  11. Good car to have. Hope the prices don’t go up significantly.

  12. Kal here is a Mustang fanboy or a Al Tayer salesman.

  13. You know a 2nd hand GTR is around AED200,000+ might as well get that xD

  14. I owe a Mustang Bullitt 2009 and im quite disappointed how the Mustang 2015 turned up to be. I mean i understand that Ford is trying to line up their Mustang to be like supercars but… Mustang is a Muscle Car

  15. As usual, markup pricing 20-30% by the dealer.
    Although this is still cheaper compared to markup done by BMW and MB.

    I would rather wait for grey import from USA, or buy something similar performance like the new WRX or STi: more space, AWD, economical and lighter.

  16. @JOEL rather not own a 4 cyl muscle when i can purchase an 8cyl truck or suv lol

  17. This car was ugly, still ugly, and will remain ugly And overrated. that’s my opinion. yea i forgot. and SLOW! 😉

  18. add 20-30k more better to buy Corvette or Go for 4C…for this much money…. or wait for 6-9 months may be price got reduced…if booking que is short….

  19. What about the Ford Mustang 50 years limited edition … Will it be available ???

  20. I don’t know why people here are whining about prices. Ford Mustang is a LEGEND, it is absolutely ridiculous to compare it with other sports cars/SUV’s. You want to make a decision? Put all your sports cars on one side, put a 5.0L Mustang on the other side, press the gas pedal – and see what you HEAR. Price will be justified! Mustang intimidates ANY other car on any day, any time of the year!

    • Are you serious? stock 370 Z, or slightly modified WRX or Evo will intimidate all the american V8 piles of plastic and crap

    • yes it is a LEGEND but also the previous model was a LEGEND…… a cheaper LEGEND. LOL

      also if you want to test any American car, just confront it with its natural enemy ……corners

  21. Well at least now hyundai genesis can be considered compared to Mustang V6. its faster, looks better and doesnt feels like a person who wanted V8 but fell short on money so bought a V6 mustang. Coz i feel if you buy a mustang then buy it V8.

    • and personally i dont like people who buy V6 and then make it looks like V8.. put GT badges and kits and etc ect.. While we should also know that the new model has not increased any numbers on 0-100 figures..

    • Yeah i agree with you. If you buy Mustang only get V8. The sound which the V8 makes way better that V6 haha

  22. Now only serious Mustang enthusiast and Fanboys will be able to buy it. The rest are better elsewhere.

  23. The Raptor’s price was jacked up 30% and still sold pretty well.

  24. New Ford EDGE is coming. According to this trend we can expect a price hike by at least 15k!

  25. ford dealers here in uae are making a lot of margin…ford mustang in usa cost 30-35% less.
    what i mean to say is, in buying a pony here in the uae, you don’t get your money’s worth…

  26. I went to book a 2015 and was disappointed that I had to put 5000 deposit and wait until March as well as pay approx 50K Aed extra for the GT compared to 2014 base model (although GT base is no longer available in 2015).

    So I did the next best thing and booked a 2014 GT base. I know it’s not the same but it’s currently a bargain at 144K Aed and they still have a few units left. Once these are sold you will be forced to buy the 2015 GT premium for an extra 50K Aed!

    So take my advice and grab it while you can. Even better get a long term lease like me for 4 years for under 4000 Aed monthly.


  27. The new mustang is no longer a cheap American Muscle car. Its a full Euro spec quality, built. Even the Turbo variant is full developed and engineered in Europe. The Focus RS will have this 2.3 engine.

  28. Guyz I am Havin Ford Mustang 2001 and Alhamdulillah it’s V6 Manaul and Not givin me any prb was havin mustang 2005 and 2010 bt I was nt satisfies bt 2001 Respect + Lovely + Smooth + Stability it’s makes perfect now I wanted to get 2015 but the prices is jst over expected it will be releasing in dubai on march 2015 bt befr march the car wil be here and waytin for a test drive and if the price stays same Good by to 2015 and guy if nt 2015 I am chekin for rtr 2013 if anyone knwz abt the car let me knw 🙂 any mustang ownerz?

  29. From the above comments, I understand the following points:

    1. Most of the haters above, are born haters; they already know that the (new) v8 is slower than the Japanese or European, only by looking at the pics! They even decided that its just another cheap plasticky American crap before getting to even see one up-close, and knows its shi*ty in the corners before actually driving one around a corner!

    2. Most of the Mustang lovers, are babies trying to justify the sky-high price of the stealerships! It may be an all-new sports car instead of a straight-line muscle car in its previous iteration, but the dealers could have concentrated on atleast having a ripped-off base model priced at 99k with no bells & whistles, for the real auto-enthusiasts.

    3. And then there are these set of amusing people totally in despair due to the fact that they now have to consider a V6 / V8 SUV or pick-up truck only because the new Mustang is priced as much!

  30. Does the V8 start at AED 193,000 or that is the full price?

    Please confirm.

  31. Just booked the car and cannot wait to get it! Regardless pricing comparison and everything, you are not buying a car, you are buying reactions of people, you are buying their attentions and most important you are buying feeling of driving a legend.

  32. AED 193k is the price for full specs GT. Not starting price.

  33. I’ll go for a Honda Accord coupe 305 V6 😉

  34. I have some information the new mustang is awesome. If you are purchasing it the base car price is a Aed 125000 but it will cost you round around Aed 140000 because of insurance. If you plan to get the car in installment you have to pay 2700 per month For 5 years. its like if you want a good shape car you should go for Ford mustang its 230 hp the base one. But if you want a monster go for dodge challenger 2015 the base model its starting price is Aed 131000 with 305 hp.

  35. Bro car is awsome……5.0

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