TRD packs for 2015 Toyota Aurion, Yaris, Corolla and 86 now in UAE

TRD packs for 2015 Toyota Aurion, Yaris, Corolla and 86 now in UAE

Toyota TRD in the UAE
Al-Futtaim Motors, the UAE’s Toyota dealer, officially introduced Toyota Racing Development (TRD) packages for the 2015 Aurion, Corolla, Yaris sedan, Yaris hatchback and the 86.

Launched during an event at Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi, the basic TRD kit includes front and rear bumper spoilers and side skirts as well as a rear spoiler for all the above cars except for the Aurion, which already comes standard with a body kit. Other TRD bits include a shift knob, fuel cap, lug nuts and badges. The cost of the body kit ranges from Dhs 7,200 for the Yaris hatchback till Dhs 8,900 for the Corolla. The fancier kit for the 86 costs Dhs 10,900.

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A “sport” pack includes the kit, but also adds unique 17-inch wheels (18-inch for 86 and Aurion) with low profile tyres, a “sport” oil filter and lowering springs. The full package cost ranges Dhs 15,700 for the Yaris hatchback up to Dhs 18,500 for the Corolla, all of which includes a body kit, springs and wheels. For the Aurion, which doesn’t have an extra body kit, the cost is Dhs 11,800 for springs and wheels. The 86 gets the full TRD treatment though, as in addition to the above, it also gets a performance muffler, fender fins, shocks, brake pads, extra bracing and sports seats, and including the body kit and other small trim bits, costs a whopping Dhs 36,600. It is unclear if the body-stickers seen on these show cars are part of the package.

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Aside from a stint on a wet skidpad with the 86, we only got to properly drive the Yaris and the Aurion around a tight course for a couple of minutes. The understeering characteristics of the front-wheel-drive cars remain, but body roll is less noticeable now, while the cars still refuse to rotate under braking like some better-balanced front-drivers do.

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TRD started life as a humble aftermarket parts distributor in 1976, growing to become a full-fledged producer of various tuning products and performance components for Toyota vehicles.

The TRD launch announcement comes right after Al-Futtaim Motors’ partnership with Yas Marina Circuit for the launch of the TRD 86 Cup, a single-make race series that offers a relatively cost-effective entry into circuit racing for anyone holding a race licence, with an entry price of Dhs 150,000 that apparently includes the race-prepped car.

TRD packs will be available at Al-Futtaim Motors Toyota showrooms across the UAE from this month onwards. All genuine TRD parts come with a 5-year warranty. While elements of each pack can be purchased separately, the complete aerodynamic and sport packs will be available at promotional prices.

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  2. i want body kit for corolla2015

  3. How can I avail TRD body kits of 2015 Yaris Sedan? =)

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