More than 100 cars involved in fog crashes on Abu Dhabi-Dubai road

More than 100 cars involved in fog crashes on Abu Dhabi-Dubai road


It’s fog season again here in the UAE, and for some reason, drivers here never learn. About 20 people were injured, one critically, in several crashes on Thursday morning on the Abu Dhabi-Dubai road after heavy fog reduced visibility for several hours into daylight.


The crashes that occurred between Al Reef Bridge towards Al Shahama. People present at the scene claim that more than 100 vehicles were involved.


On Saturday, there was a 19-car pile-up on the Abu Dhabi-Al Ain road in early-morning foggy conditions.

If drivers simply slowed down, kept longer distances between vehicles and did not zig-zag through traffic without indicators, incidents such as these could be avoided.

Photos by Abu Dhabi Security Media.

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  1. Why are ppl brain dead!! i was driving back from auh last week early mornin in pretty thick fog, and ppl were still doing over 100kmph!! what is that they are seeing through the fog that i dont!!?? Delivery vans doing over 120!! I cant belive how ignorant ppl are, there were these two other jokers tailgating! i could go on..but ppl are stupid! monkey see monkey do!!

  2. Big cars and small brains!!!

  3. Don’t drive on left lane in foggy condition better wait and let the fog settle down we all want to drive on left lane and complain about being tailgated

    • Who said I was driving on the left lane?? I aint stupid! I said I saw jokers tail gating each other!! Read what I typed before you reply pls..All im trying to say is ppl never learn!! and apparently they can see in the dark as well..

  4. Look at “biscuit” Lexus!!

  5. agree with you guys.

    what i dont get is, why so many folks in this part of the world here dont “get it”. it is not like the fog showed up for the 1st time ever.. still, same horror crashes fog after fog..

    anyways, hope everyone is fine

    • Because they can not plan more than 3 seconds into the future, and forget what happened 3 seconds back. I have seen situations where someone jumps a red signal, hit a car, and then scratch his head and say he has no idea why the accident happened

  6. foggy days will continue till end of march. i expect more of these accidents as morons will never learn how to drive properly. Looks like they would rather die/end up in hospital than slow down and take it easy.
    anyway they will learn a lesson the hard way.

    and please turn off your damn hazard lights unless your car actually breaks down on the road, do not drive with them flashing, that just proves the driver has the IQ of a pebble and the brain the size of a peanut.

  7. The same thing happens when it rains. People get into this ‘mode’ where they don’t know what to do. It’s as if they’ve never experienced rain before. The same principles of safe driving apply – reduce speed, keep a safe distance from the car in front and do not use the hazard lights. Odd!

  8. Well said @RayD, People need more awareness specially new drivers, maybe @Mashfique Hussain Chowdhury can write an article to help improve driving skills during FOG & Rain etc…

  9. Accidents are caused due to stupidity of those people who speed up in less fog and apply hard brakes when fog thick.
    Taxi, pickup, delivery vans are the worst divers on the streets. I dont know how they get license or jobs. They think they are the only ones on the streets few days back a delivery van was tailgating me in fast lane when the fog was thick. Taxi drivers stops in middle of street to pick up passengers and if you say something to them they start arguing. The worst people are the ones driving in fast lane at 40-50 kmh with hazard lights, on empty streets when the fog is less.

  10. Idiots accross UAE – Yes you, you know who you are – STOP using hazard lights continuously in fog or rainy conditions! These are meant to be used for something else!

  11. 40 km should be the maximum speed in Fog.

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