2015 Toyota FJ Cruiser TRD on sale in the UAE

2015 Toyota FJ Cruiser TRD on sale in the UAE

Toyota FJ Cruiser TRD 3
The 2015 Toyota FJ Cruiser TRD made its debut last weekend at the annual Gulf News fun drive event. The FJ Cruiser is the latest model to get the TRD treatment which already includes Aurion, Corolla, Yaris sedan, Yaris hatchback and the 86. A Fortuner TRD is also available.

Some of the TRD parts that have been added to the FJ Cruiser include a front skid plate protector, coil springs & shock absorbers, muffler, black side sill protectors and 17-inch black TRD alloy rims. Other features include TRD shift knob, TRD mud guards and fender flares.

Last year, we added the FJ Cruiser to our ever-growing fleet of cars, and you can read about our long-term updates here.

The car is currently available in all showrooms across the UAE, with a price tag of AED 155,000.

Keep track of the latest prices and updates in the Toyota FJ Cruiser buyer guide.

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  1. nothing beats the base versions, no TRD, no offroad, no cruiser versions..!!!!!

    • Base version misses out on rear diff. lock and A-Trac .. Next variant is the best really..

      Indeed, TRD, artic truck & cruiser versions seem to be Gimmicky, and what were they thinking when they made the cruiser vesion..

      The Trails team edition would’ve been something if they had got it down here… Oh well

    • Our ultra-basic manual one has all that though.

    • Honestly cant be basic if your manual variant already has these and the additional fuel tank.. whats it missing out from otherwise, apart from Cruise Control… & the useless thin skid plate

    • It’s basic. Full stock spec. No power mirrors. Moving up to the next trim level gives you an automatic and some accessories while removing offroading features. Dual fuel tank has been standard since late 2013.

    • guys, toyota allows for certain features to be added individually on the FJ when bought new. i assume that mash has basic model and toyota added some features (possibly because it was used as a display car i understand).

      like you find exr’s 200s with roof rails, etc.

    • Nope. That’s the stock basic manual spec. Even now.

  2. I m driving the 2011 model of this car.
    And l want to know more about the new one.
    I do not see any differences here

  3. hey guys i would like to ask where can i get one from the main supplier seems not to have any 2015 new ones “talking about the TRD”

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