2017 Nissan Patrol ‘Gannas’ Edition unveiled in UAE

2017 Nissan Patrol ‘Gannas’ Edition unveiled in UAE


Al Masaood Automobiles, the exclusive distributor of Nissan vehicles in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, announced the launch of the UAE-exclusive Nissan Patrol ‘Gannas’ edition.

‘Gannas’ which translates to “Hunting Edition”, is developed by Al Masaood Automobiles, specifically designed to have greater off-road abilities than the standard Patrol.

The distributor invested six months to develop and test the prototype for the Patrol ‘Gannas’ edition on and off-road. The mods can be added across the range of Nissan Patrols to suit the various preferences of the consumers.

The ‘Gannas’ is fitted with ARB front strut and BP51 rear shocks kit including all coils, specially modified air compressor and hose, Hutchinson double beadlock 18-inch rims, navigation and off road map, ABS disconnect switch, snatch strap 11000 lbs, roof rails and flag pole and a Gannas badge.

Contrary to how it may appear, the Gannas edition uses some parts from the Nissan Patrol Desert Edition, and not just a rebadged version. For example, the Gannas example shares underbody skidplates, wheels and other accessories, but offers a different set of suspension components with higher ground clearance and does not come with fender arches as standard.

Back in 1994 and 1995, a ‘Gannas’ edition had been available with the Nissan Patrol, which were equipped with sand tyres and water tanks in place of the third seat row seats.

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  1. not why this ugly thing is needed. the “regular” patrols are selling like crazy. all that you see on the roads..

  2. ‘Gannas’ also translates to sugarcane(s) in one Asian language.

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