2017 Nissan Patrol Y62 AT35 Moreeb by Arctic Trucks now in UAE

2017 Nissan Patrol Y62 AT35 Moreeb by Arctic Trucks now in UAE

Named after the highest dune in the UAE, Tal Moreeb, the 2017 Nissan Patrol Y62 AT35 Moreeb built by Arctic Trucks is now being offered by the Abu Dhabi Nissan dealer, Al Masaood.

The AT35 Moreeb’s upgraded suspension and 50mm lift increases ground clearance, with a wider wheel track to boot.

Custom-built locally by the UAE branch of Iceland’s well-known Arctic Trucks 4×4 tuner, the Nissan Patrol Y62 AT35 Moreeb also comes decked with fender flares, newly-released BF Goodrich tyres with a low road-noise rating, and a hood scoop allowing more air to the engine making it “five degrees cooler than a standard car” (although no scoop is visible in these photos).

The Nissan Patrol Y62 AT35 Moreeb is available with a full warranty through Al Masaood. Pricing is unavailable at the moment, but we assume that any trim level of the Patrol can be upgraded with this package for maybe around Dhs 30,000 extra.

This is the third locally-built officially-sold “offroad” edition of the Y62 Patrol after the Desert Edition and the Gannas Edition in the UAE.

For prices and specs of the regular Nissan Patrol, visit the Nissan buyer guide.

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  1. Y62 is a turbo so i thought this car is turbocharged normally people install y62 type turbo in old patrols and landcruisers

  2. I love the look of the the flare kit, makes the fat y62 even fatter . Is there any chance of getting a kit in Australia. Or is it only maid for the AT35 Moreeb.
    Thanks Eddie

  3. Hi,
    I need the flair kit fitted on my Nissan y62
    kindly advise on the formalities & price ??

  4. I wanted to modify my patrol y62 ,how would it cost me ? Since i live in Riyadh

  5. Hi
    Kindly provide me with your best prices to upgrade my y62 to The Nissan Patrol Y62 AT35 Moreeb


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